Signature Tournament Begins!

*cough* Poll *cough*

It seems Naminator was on yesterday, I don't think it is too hard putting up 4 sigs for a poll.

Still, I guess we need to be patient. :(
I bet hes on some vacation or something, or left to go somewhere for a week XD

Jking man :p
I was looking forward to it. Yet it is still not here.
w/e vs narwain.

I bet that purge was going to be in w/e's spot. but the end result will be the same. Narwain is teh pwnz.
You bet wrong the previous time....
[INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC]Besides, there is always hope. I might become a godly photoshopper overnight. Besides, I got some new techniques that I will incorporate into this sig. Instead of giving up, like ~half of Narwy's previous opponents, I will try my best.
No effort will be spared.[/INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC]
I'm still gonna get my ass kicked, though...
Naminator, If you're still alive, post the final round.

From now on, I move that only Mods, and other 100% reliable members host tournaments. This tournament could have been so much better. If only everything was posted on time and nobody gave up before their poll even opened...
I must say.... fucking ridiculous. (please excuse my attitude) This sounds retarded. What do people know about you? That your avatar is a white square with a black line on the bottom. Thats probably it.

Give them something they can work with dude.
Ha, he changed it.
i would love to see what w/e looks like xD

i think yourself means taking a pic of yourself and makign a sig out of it... sounds... stupid really.. :p
I suggest you make a sig that is freestyle or your style. Since Naminator doesn't clarify it would utterly just be a mere confusion.
I don't get it. Is this a freestyle sig, or does it have to have a pic of me?
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