Signature Tournament Begins!

Ok, I am growing impatient. It doesn't look like as if Naminator will be back soon.
His last post was Feb 6th. I propose someone take over the hosting position.
He went on vacation.

He should be back from tomorrow-the 19th.

If not... Then we have to switch hosts, and have everyone -rep Naminator. (jk) xD
itz going to be over 2 weeks soon

shouldve went and host it the first place before he left i dont who was the idiot that stopped him..

this is really annoying i really think maybe whitesock should host it.. does it really matter who host it?
The host cannot participate. It would give him an edge over the rest of the competition.
Ok people...A trip came out that I coulnd't said NO period. And still some people have -repped me, fine I understand that you cannot wait some time, but try to remember, that all that all users in here have a life, this trip was a chance for me, that's why I have to do it.
And admin should host it while I was gone, I wouldn't care for me. Really for the comments and -repped that I get, I feel like not to be the host anymore, after making the effor to give you all a good and nice tournament, people get mad. Something happened and all get angry and upset.
If a another host will want to take my place, I will be please. Don't take it bad, please.
I sincearly say goodbye of all, of all the time that we share.

Aww... Well like you said, don't get made over little things.

I could host... It's easy right? Get the Sigs, Make a new Voting Thread, and then Edit the Tournament picture? I get on TH every day, more often than MySpace :p
>A trip came out
You mentioned about it, but we were supposed to get a poll of the current round before it, "I have all the signatures. On the 8 of Febrary I will post the Voting Poll.". Now why couldn't you post the poll to the forums?

This just happens too often..

>I sincearly say goodbye of all, of all the time that we share.
No. Not like this. Do you mean, you're leaving the whole community, because of a one mistake?
Why didn't you host them all the day you got them? Why do you leave? We still want you around, its that you made one stupid mistake. Everyone will get over it... and if they don't... *shoots a watermelon off a pole over a mile away*
Naminator, you clearly said you would post the poll on the 8th. It is now the 16th and their is no poll. It has been over two weeks. There is no way a mistake like this could go unnoticed.

But we all make mistakes and forget things. I'm sure everyone will get over it if/when you post the poll.
Yes..we all forget, but also we all remember. Anyway I will continue this tournament just for being, I will end what I begin. Poll will post tomorrow.
dont worry naminator i forgive you no matter what they say. you are the best host for this anyway. thanks for coming back.
My bet.

> Uber​
> Narwain​
> Narwain​
> Narwain(winna)​
> Purge​
> Purge​
> w/e​

uber, narwain, purge, and w/e won this round... looks like i win too
Youuu'd better bet on mee :mad:..

I might actually win if somesomesomething >=) happened to Narwain..
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