RPG Special Randomizable Dungeon Crawl


Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.
Ok, I'm going to make a big dungeon crawl a-la WarChasers. Called

Deathtrap Dungeon

- randomizing dungeon route achieved through randomly spawned sets of indestructible barriers so that every game the maze is different

There will be possible combinations of obstacles and a random one will be picked every new game. For example, either all the red obstacles will appear, or the blue or the green ones (not all at the same time, of course).

And so, the whole map will have a different route each game.

- PvP (race to the end) or in-game formed teams

- difficulty varying according to number of players

- creeps hunting down and attacking the heroes (as opposed to staying there and waiting for you to come and kill them)

- experience rewards for performing tasks other than killing creeps

Like WarChasers it will have
- selectable heroes at the beginning
- little houses that spawn enemies
- bosses and keys and teleports

and, of course, it will have some fancy items and skills. I'm doing it for fun and I could probably do it all by myself, but if someone wants to come by you're welcome :)



(so far)
Terrain - me
Objects - me
Triggers - me


WEHZ Helper
Random spawning eh?
Sounds difficult.
Mind telling how you're going to achieve this? (PM me if you don't want to post publicly?)
Have a set part that things can't spawn in, so that players can always have somewhere to go?

I like the difficulty according to players, Diablo II style.

I don't remember War Chasers, but this just sounds cool anyways.
Especially if you achieve the random spawning.

I would be glad to help with some things, maybe spells and stuff.
Although I'm working on my own project, so time is limited.


Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.
I updated the post.

Random spawning means that at special points in the map obstacles may or may not spawn, thus creating a new "grand route" for each new instance the map is launched.


WEHZ Helper
I see now.
That leaves a lot of wasted space, though.

And are there only those 3 options?
Once a person hits a certain part, they'll be able to tell which maze they're in.
Maybe do 4x4? That will actually add quite a few different paths.


Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.
There will be portals and such to make sure players go through most of the maze anyway.

But of course those aren't the only 3 options. I haven't decided on the details, though. What I have decided is that the road will be various and twisting (the squares above are for demonstration)


WEHZ Helper
Sounds good :) !
Again, if you need help with spells and I have time, I can maybe whip a few together.

Also, you have an extra [/url] tag in your spoiler :p


don't expect anything, prepare for everything
this seems fun :)

any progress with the map? or you're just starting?
cause I would like to know more

if you need a spell or system coder, I'm pretty much free till October ^^

if you wanna know what I'm capable of, here's my most recent map:


keep in mind it's protected though


Starcraft II Moderator
Staff member
Consearning the random route system: Have regions with a % that a rock will block them. Make sure you have a max of X blockades so the duneon isn't blocked.
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