The Helper map, part 2



can i have a blue dragon?
How about making player-banned place more "hell-like"?


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time to be a critic.

-The pool, very nice ideas, might i suggest some altar in the middle, with waterfalls, poolside bars, and so on. Now, the not so good parts. Brazers at the pool, wierd, use the model of ruins fountain, much better. The edges at the right side, note the ramp and how screwed up it looks, shouldn't be hard to fix. Use lots of waterfall models to edge the pool, giving it a smooth look.

-Th fun beach is not very fun, beaches, use palm trees, the texture "sand" and for gd sake, why did the slope be a straight one, beaches have no straight edges. May i suggest a pool bar, some hot sorcerress walkin around, and kids, with murloc shacks to give it a hawaiin look. Rays of light would be perfect. Im sure you can do better than that!

-This was saddening, the 2nd worst of all three, personally my favourite was the pool, i must confess i could never do a pool as good as yours ^^, good job on that. However, the flatness of the terrain is shocking. use noise, then lots of smooth, make sure the terrain has no sharp points, and then its good, use a variety of terrain, don't draw words out on the floor, its only done in low quality maps. (do i see this in good maps like HLWL, DotA, footmen, Anime Fight, and needless to say, most games that are frequently hosted?) Since when was the world flat? thats a real joke, i wrote a tutorial on how to fix this problems, and i think it'll work perfectly for this one, im not blaming you, i used to do this too =p .

My tutorial-

See how the edge from the map is done there. Vary the terrain, do some dirt,make it less a waste of space, currently its a large piece of rotting ground, and more useful, use those dark skinny trees in cinematics, and the moon, you can't miss the moon! (lol)

Anyways, i love the pool, make it more splashy and fun, and then add a poolside bar, it would be totally ubertacular. You really have to work on the other two, especially the beach, its really not so hard, take some time off to work on it, and really ask yourself, whether it looks good, look at the fist TH thread, you will find that the places (other than the pool) look pretty much better, learn from those, and they might give yo some inspiration for the upcoming areas.

Keep up the good work!<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Its awesome to see that ur doing ur best for TH map, well i on the other hand.... well....ahem...*cough :p


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U seriously misunderstand me. Which part of "keep up the good work" don't you understand. Its all too easy to fix THREE godamn edges. The pool is awesome, the edges spoiled it, giving up the map and using three bad edges as an excuse is really stupid.
well, then, you can take the map
And its not very funny:rolleyes:


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nice ones, But Ray's are better :p

better give me the map?

I want to work on some things.


keep an eye.


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Considering my love for dragon, and my ultra pwnage, i would like to be in this map if possible, utter pwnage and destruction contributed by dragonhord. All rights reserved. No copies of this information or name can be distributed unless in your map about the helper.


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lol Nika is rep hacking, +250 :\ lol anyways seriously, u sure we can meet the dateline? its kinda crazy to try and finish a huge project like that with one month


suga suga how'd you get so fly?
i can like spend like 4hrs on it and get all the triggers done... and Nik you the map i will give you when your online... and because holiday is coming... thats means i can spend like a month on the map:D so im sure we will make it


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Im not gone yet..

hey guys ... im still in this community altho i hvnt posted for a looong time
@nika-wen its done ... you can find me on msn ....
still have high hopes for this map...


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Nikanorou_GR @ Clan CBS Forums said:
YaY my IP is banned from Thehelper
Now what should I do?

Neither me, nor [email protected] can enter Thehelper

You got any idea how to restore my IP?
Making a map about a website, then getting banned from that same website. Oh, the cruel irony. :)


suga suga how'd you get so fly?
well bluesin i dont think they are banned this map has been here for a while and did had a few arguement with Seth but anyway... Nik and [email protected] is roomates so there is probably something wrong with they IP things and i heard they are on a move to somewhere else so...
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