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    Tropical Assault Footman Wars v1.6 Alpha


    Tropical Assault Footman Wars

    Version 1.6 Released!! [December 21, 2008]
    - This is the first Alpha version and the first real version of the map. However, it's still in the process of testing.

    I have resized the map so that it can accomodate the new battlefield, waygates, mercenary camps and Ancient Temples which are essential for two new game modes. New methods of Hero selection like -ar and -random. Players can now repick Heroes but only once. All bugs from the previous beta have been fixed but it's still in the testing process. New and subtle improvements have been made. I assure you the map is much better now.

    In this game, teams choose races and compete against each other, as standard units are generated for each player periodically. Each player chooses and controls a Hero which will lead his army of soldiers. Destroy the enemy fortresses to win.

    • Created from scratch, from the beginning.
    • 5 races with 3 Heroes each.
    • Spawned units can follow Rally Points.
    • Race and Unit Type selection through Dialog Boxes at game start.
    • Basic AI for computer-controlled slots.
    • Custom upgrades (which improve strength of spawned units and speed up rate of spawning) and unique items.
    • Special Events (including Duels) which players can enter in an arena and compete. Rewards & attribute bonuses are given to the winner of the event.
    • Hireable Boss Creeps - powerful and expensive behemoths that can fight by your side and literally crush your enemies.
    • Allrandom and Random hero selection. Players can Repick heroes but only once.
    • Cool terrain emphasizing a tropical battleground.

    Things to know about:
    • Rally points can work for spawned units. In Wc3 melee, you are developing and expanding your base camp while controlling armies, your Hero, and additional expansion bases you have created, so can a player manage his town hall, remote armies and his Hero in this map. Your skills in melee Wc3 can be applied here, which is an advantage.
    • Players can now toggle between Ready and Not Ready for Duels by typing eiter -drdy (ready) or -dnrdy (not ready). A player challenging another player who's Not Ready won't be able to duel that particular player. This has been made to prevent abuse, like players w/ strong heroes challenging weaker ones to stack in more gold.
    • The AI is quite stupid (but still decent enough for Single Player). Your allies and enemies only attack-move at the center of the map in fixed intervals. But don't underestimate your enemies, they can do alot of damage too! For a good game, try a 2v2v2v2 with the other 3 teams as computer players. Fullhouse games are more likely to happen when filling slots w/ computer players.

    Change Log:
    - Fixed all bugs from the previous beta version.
    - Simplified the message that appears when a player kills a hero.
    - Added a new Race, the Philippine Revolution.
    - The Map is much larger. The new expansion consists of Mercenary Camps, Way Gates and Ancient Temples.
    - New -repick, -allrandom and -random hero selection.
    - Players can be either Ready or Not Ready for duels by typing -drdy or -dnrdy. This prevents abuse of the Duel arena.
    - Improved the Hero & Boss Creep tooltips.
    - Attack speed and damage of certain Heros are buffed up.
    - Fixed a bug where the 1st row in the Multiboard changes into digits when a player kills a Neutral Hostile unit.
    - Added two new Game Modes. Quickmode 1 and Quickmode 2.
    - Hotkeys are now available for all Boss Creeps.
    - The regeneration rate of Town Halls is much higher and has a much wider coverage.
    - Heroes no longer cost gold when trained.
    - The starting gold for all players has been decreased from 750 to 500.
    - Paladin's Divine Shield is now changed to Maul of Strength.
    - Priestess of the Moon's Scout is now changed to Cold Arrows.
    - Tauren Chieftain's Reincarnation is now changed to Earth Blast.

    *There aren't much alterations in this version at all, but this version simply fixes some of the
    most annoying bugs and imbalances in the game prior to the first alpha version, which will be
    releaed soon.
    - Fixed an arena bug where you can't enter in any arena after you were defeated in a previous
    arena you have entered.
    - The Book of Town Portal now only works for buildings as it was meant to be, which prevents ortalling to other units inside arenas and abruptly supporting allies in the fray.
    - Greatly reduced the power of Dagohoy's Manaburst Flare (his ability which burns mana).
    - Fixed an arena bug where nothing happens in an arena when an illusion-type unit (similar to the andaren Doppleganger's illusions) kills the player.
    - Added the price of the Book of Town Portal in its tooltip.

    *Tropical Assault's Partial Expansion Version (Version B)...
    - Removed Lumber Costs from all Boss Creeps in the Hall of Tropics.
    - Fixed a variety of bugs in Green Dragonlord Arena.
    - Balanced the increment and base amount of the attributes of certain Heroes.
    - Fixed a bug that allows players to use Books of Town Portal when participating in Special Events.
    - Fixed a bug which made players enter in another Special Event though they are currently participating in another Special Event.
    - Fixed a bug which made the Heart of Dagohoy item limitless (even when it is a charged item).

    *Tropical Assault's Partial Expansion Version...
    - A new Item Platform is now available for each team provided that it will greatly augment the power and effectiveness of their Heroes.
    - With the introduction of the Item Platform, the Hall of Tropics can only contain very powerful Hireable Boss Creeps.
    - A variety of Heroes and their abilities are now balanced. This includes the abilities of each unit-class.
    - Fixed the stun duration bug behind the Power Strike and the Body Point Attack abilities so that now Heroes get a mini-stun (0.01) and normal units get a 1/4 second stun duration.
    - Fixed a hotkey conflict between the Flame Blast and Lightning Fury abilities.
    - Balanced the first skills of all Magic-class units.
    - Three new Special Events which allow players to participate in 1v1 arena battles/PvP (player vs. player) duels to test their strength, and if they win, claim great rewards.
    - A new monetary system, Special Event Points, is now available restricted for Special Events and PvP duels.

    - Added a hotkey for the Strategies menu and assigned one hotkey for each strategy.
    - Fixed Ghoul's lack of armor. Now set to 5.
    - Rebalanced the three unit classes and made changes to their damage, movement/attack speed, and their armor types.
    - Ranged-class units now have 700 range.

    - Fixed a problem in the Shadow Clone's hotkeys and now it can function properly.
    - Blood Elf Summoner's Hit Points, Strength/Intelligence per level and Damage have increased.
    - The following hero skills and abilities have been beefed up a little and made even better: Siphon Spirit, Holy Light, Devotion Aura, Wind Walk, Bladestorm, Blizzard, Brilliance Aura, Carrion Swarm, Vampiric Aura, Tranquility, Trueshot Aura, Mana Burn, Frost Nova, Dark Ritual, Lightning Fury and Chain Lightning.
    - Illusions in Shadow Clone now receive less damage from attackers.
    - Shadow Clone now only works on organic units.
    - Magic-class units' armor has increased by 1.

    *This is yet the most playable version of the 'current' map since many balance changes and improvements have been made. More will come at v1.5 and the quest for a revolution in Footman Wars continues!
    - Added the all new Blood Elf race.
    - There is now a new Loading Screen for the map which looks better!
    - Balanced and finally fixed the HP and regen rates of the Undeas units to the map's standards.
    - Each race has now its own Siege Unit available. These siege machines are capable of long-ranged assaults and are effective against buildings, though only 3 can be controlled at a time.
    - Some items like Potions of Mana, Health, Vampiric Potions and Books of Town Portal have increased replenishment time and have more charges. The prices for Staff of Sanctuary & Book of Town Portal have increased as well.
    - The chance of dropping powerups has been reduced from 12 to 8.
    - Fixed the Bonus Gold system so that it can no longer give out additional gold when destroying illusion-type units.
    - Fixed a bug where bonus gold is given when killing friendly units, and now it doesn't.
    - Killing illusions will no longer add to your kills in the Multiboard.
    - There will no longer be any powerups dropped when killing illusions.
    - Implemented a new Unit Queue and Experience Bar.
    - Added a HP and Mana regeneration aura to Town Halls.
    - Balanced the Night Elf Archer and the Undead Infernal to the map's standards. Infernal has now 1000 HP.
    - Balanced the Night Elf Huntress' hit points.
    - Many more balance changes to the units and especially to the abilities.
    - Fixed a bug where powerups can be dropped when killing allied units.
    - Fixed a tower bug in which the towers gain no damage and less armor when Tower Upgrade has been researched. Now I set the proper upgrade amounts for 'em.
    - Added a new Tree Revival System.
    - Added a new Hero Kills system that swaps an amount of gold between players when a hero is killed.
    - Added a new Game Clock in the multiboard.
    - Added the -ms command.
    - Bounty is now given when destroying Towers and Town Halls. 100 gold is given for destroying towers and 250 gold is given for destroying Town Halls.
    - Fixed Magic Mayhem mode so that now it can 'always' remove cooldown and keep the mana to the max.
    - Fixed a multiboard bug in which all players will be grayed out when one player is defeated.
    - Night Elves now have a defensive ability Thorns.

    - Added 10 powerups/poitons that can be dropped in the item pool of the Powerup System, now with a total of 15 powerups.
    - The Powerup System no longer applies for summoned units.
    - The Powerup System now drops items for a 12% chance instead of a 10% chance before.
    - Added the Injury System which is created by Hero12341234.
    - Added the -rt, -zoom and -uc commands. -rt removes all text from the screen. -zoom adjusts a camera's distance. The distance of the default Warcraft III view is 1650. Higher than that, it will go higher. Lower than that, the camera gets closer to the ground, but it should not exceed 700. -uc counts all of your living units, summoned units, wards and heroes.
    - Added a new game mode or simply a special game command, Magic Mayhem (-mm). When enabled, this will disable cooldown and mana cost for all spells, and it is obvious that the magic-class units will have a better advantage, but this is only for fun and shouldn't be used in regular games or official tournaments. However, you cannot enable this mode after 80 seconds in the game time has elapsed.
    - The gold cost of Orb of Fire is now 2500.
    - Made an adjustment to the gold costs and bonuses of some items.
    - The Undead's Blight defensive ability now gives 2 HP regeneration per second instead of 60% regen rate.
    - The Necromancer's Raise Dead can now summon 4 skeletons per corpse and they can last up to 45 seconds, but it now has a 25 second cooldown and 180 mana cost.
    - The Human Sorceress' Solar Beam ability now has a longer distance, but it now has 185 mana cost.
    - The Orc Shaman's Forked Lightning ability now has 180 damage per target.
    - Units of all computer players in a team are now given control to the human players in that team.
    - A dozen minor bugs and flaws have been fixed as well.

    - Fixed the Undead defensive ability, Blight, so that it could really give out 60% regeneration instead of .60 HP per second.
    - The Defensive Ability Training's tooltip is now fixed. It will say that it will apply for all classes. It can now be researched w/ no requirements, but the gold cost has been increased a bit.
    - The Bonus Gold system doesn't work for Summoned units anymore.
    - Fixed a bug in the Bonus Gold system, the amount of gold given when a hero is killed is dependent on it's unit level, not the Hero Level, so I made it to be linked to the Hero Level of the slain hero.
    - For AI's, Heroes now take more time to revive when they have a higher level. Each level is a second longer.
    *There are not much changes in this version, most of the time just small changes. I'll add more races in the future, as well as new features to make the map more interesting to play.

    - Fixed a bug where units have food costs and therefore some texts appears above your screen.
    - Fixed a nasty bug where units are still spawning even when the said player is defeated.

    - First Release




    Final Notes
    During the x-mas season, I will hardly even release a new version for the map. That's because I have a new Team Deathmatch map to make. Btw, when you find bugs again, or find imbalances, or if you just have a great idea in mind, PM me.

    This is the first alpha version, the first 'real' version.

    Good Luck and Have Fun!!
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    Impressive Action Icons/Tooltips!.
  3. jonadrian619

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    Actually I downloaded the icon command buttons from Wc3c, anyways thx a lot!!.
  4. Furberg

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    This is actually a really awesome upgrade of Footmen Wars. Amazingly good job with the units and unit spells/upgrades. You should make some custom heroes. People can get pretty tired of Mountain King and Blademaster ^^. But bad things was - No healing. I need to buy potions to heal (wtf?!). And the hero revival time is WAY to long. It almost ruins game. But awesome game. Very good job!
  5. thewrongvine

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    lol, I'll try it out. Maybe someone could host this on EDIT: And tell me, of course. :D

    EDIT 2: Ok, I played it. It was pretty cool. I like the strategy thing so you don't always have to keep clicking your units over and over again. :D The Inferno for the Undead Dreadlord was kind of imba... because it was magic immune. Magic units couldn't attack it, lol. And custom heroes would be cool, or if you gave the spells custom stats. The unit class thing was cool, but limiting one type wasn't that fun all the time. But all in all, it's a pretty cool game.
  6. jonadrian619

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    You can buy potions at the Marketplace just located inside your base. They're the best and only straightforward way to heal your Heroes..

    Yeah, it was pretty evident that the Infernal was wreaking havoc against the other team in one of my games with it.

    I'll do more improvements and additions in v1.4. The stuff listed in my to-do list will be done on July 27-29 and some other things like balance changes. Expect v1.4 be released at those days.
  7. xAnaMorphine

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    This map is so imba, I was lanning with my friends 14 hours long we played this map minimum 8 hours :)

    Keep up the good work.
  8. thewrongvine

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    Hm... are you going to customize the heroes a bit? Like change the stats, or maybe rearrange the spells and make custom spells? Not that it's like with all these super spells that create 1000 meteors that fly around and stuff, but some other custom things would be cool.

    And adding a regeneration place would be nice, too. That way I can resist using gold hacks to get some potions (...and maybe using it a lot to get some other items :D). Good luck! :thup:

    @xAnaMorphine: wow, your avatar is confusing. If I look away, I see black dots, but when I turn back, they disappear. I suppose that's the trick. :( :D

    EDIT: Or maybe it's a trick... everything there is made up of black dots...
  9. jonadrian619

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    I'm only going to change the data of their abilities whenever necessary. I like to keep their stats that way, because I follow the melee map-balance, this also applies for future new races and heroes.

    The Blood Elf Race. New custom models and textures will be used so expect the map in v1.4 to rise.:thup:

    Yeah, you've got a point there. Completely relying on items to heal units ain't enough and ain't good. I'll add a fountain regen ability (HP and Mana) to the town halls. They only affect allies and of course won't benefit nearby enemy units.

    That's a long time of playin!! I think v1.4, when released, will be much better in that period of time, w/ all the improvements and so.

    I need your suggestions and you can also contribute for this map by pointing out imbalanced stuff inside the map, but make sure it's really balanced to the map's standard and not a balance change worlds apart.
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    Actually I was on weed and a bit drunk like normal for a Lan Party so I can't really remember but the vampire hero had that imba infernal.
  11. jonadrian619

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    Playin' Wc3 on high feels weird...:p

    Anyway right now I'm Doin the balancing changes and I'm makin' the Blood Elf race and some new additions.
  12. jonadrian619

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    As of now, I haven't finished v1.4 yet, but hopefully in a few days or anytime during this week it will be released once things have been settled.

    I'm having a hard time fixing the bugs and balancing the stats and attributes of certain units.

    For now, just wait.
  13. jonadrian619

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    The thread has been updated and I've added a World Editor Screenshot for the Blood Elf race in case you want to see 'em. And the set release date for v1.4 is Aug. 10, so don't worry.

    Btw, it's the Beijing Olympics tomorrow and later 08-08-08 will begin!! (GMT+8). It'll start exactly at 8:08 PM so good luck watchin!
  14. jonadrian619

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    V1.4 Released!

    Take a look at the new changelog and additional screenies at this thread:thup:
  15. Furberg

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    OH YEAH!! CUSTOM RACES FTW :D! and heroes! awesome screenshot
  16. waaaks!

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    going to try this, and where did u apply the injury system? all units? nvm, ill try to find out myself
  17. jonadrian619

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    Thx:D!! The blood elf wasn't easy to make though, but it was fun!

    I DL'ed the Injury System here. All the implementation instructions are found there.

    As for the map, I'm not doing any modding right now since our 1st grading examinations will start this Wednesday until Friday, then I have to update my website this weekend.

    A sneak peek: Expect recipe items, new item shops (that means a new platform), a Private Stash for each player and a Hero Duel system in v1.5. These are the fixed compoments for v1.5, and some might be added to the mix.
  18. waaaks!

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    already tried the map, overall, it was good, just got something to suggest

    for the strategies spell book, i suggest adding a hot key for it, also for the commands, like attack center, etc.

    when i clicked a command in the strategies spell book, it takes time before my hero finishes casting, like i cant control him, i cant animation cancel it even if the spell is already casted

    the blood elf hero (jaina model) was imba on aoe spells, like 2 spells can destroy my whole army, and ruins my strategy
  19. jonadrian619

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    For the strategies, I will add hot keys of course for v1.4c.

    I know when you use a strategy, the hero stops and does his animation and I can't fix it that well, but that only occurs in a very short amount of time. Just re-order him to move.

    The blood mage hero was imba (weak damage), its Lightning Fury. Flame Strike is just the way it is in the melee game. So I beefed L. Fury up a little, and all other abilities in the v1.4 changelog.

    If you feel that the units are about to cross a dangerous path that puts them into risk, then move them to a safer place, order a few healthy units and your Hero (if he's healthy) to block the enemy while spare the injured for later use. Micromanagement skills are an advantage.

    I've also got a bad feeling about the attributes of the melee and ranged unit classes, 'cause they're about the same and ruins their individualism as a unique class.

    I'll make these changes in v1.4c.
  20. jonadrian619

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    v1.4c released.

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