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  • The rep was because you're listening and learning and such, it's always nice to see members improving their JASS abilities. I had to have you on ignore because most of the time I'm on at work. It's blatantly obvious that I'm not working if there's a frog dancing around on the screen. TheHelper is usually subtle because it is a technical resource website, but the frog was an eye catcher. :p
    Glad to see a new avatar, I can now view your posts from work where I spend most of my time.

    Removed from my ig list. :)
    It didn't seem to be working. There were very few views, no replies whatsoever, no submissions, etc.
    The thread is still around, it's just not stickied anymore.
    Haha, that would be awesome. :thup:

    Well, actually, I'd prefer that you send me the map for a little bit of refinement first... you can put in new zombies, but I'm something of a control freak, so I'd like to tweak em a bit first. There's a reason why I can't just add new zombie every update, you know. :D

    I'd also like to correct any spelling/grammar mistakes along the way. It's something to be proud about in my maps.

    Also, don't worry about the terrain. I've been working on it bit by it, so expect a massive terrain difference when I officially "revive" the project. :cool:
    Please change your avatar... it's just so incredibly annoying that it is freakish.
    Well, since you read that you should have a pretty good idea anyway. :p
    Lol, sorry. Haven't really been working on Quarantine much... I'm thinking of putting it in my indefinite suspension folders for a while. I'm not really having fun making it anymore. /:

    Anyway, sorry about not replying. These days I've been browsing the forums without logging on.
    Hey Gtam. Just checking again to see what you've been up to lately. I've been working on both the triggering and terraining and I'm in no rush, so don't feel obligated about working on Quarantine besides fixing what needs to be fixed. How's your map coming along, by the way? I really want to see how the shooting system is like.
    I'm putting you on my ignore list until you attain a new avatar.

    I won't see your posts.
    I won't see your submitted resources and hence can't approve them.
    I won't see your comments and will be unable to assist you in anything through these forums.

    Ask Romek to PM me or something if you change it, and I will take you off my ignore list.

    Your frog avatar is more than I am willing to put up with. It drives me insane.

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