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  • No, you need around 70 - 80 drones. Also, when maxed, throw down more hatches, upgrade everything, etc.
    Yes, it does. Later on when you get better you will the reason for different timings for different stuff, but for now, just get it along the way. Also remember to DRONE. It's better to lose because you made too many drones than because you made too little.
    Yeah sure, what league are you in? I am assembling a replay pack of me playing, you could learn from that. Or you should try watching some of my replays from the Team iNs practice session thread.
    ...It's even worse now.
    Really bad.
    Like, it's slowly twisting my perspective on reality...
    You have massive build order flaws; one base banelings? 12 gas/pool? I suggest you to watch some of day9's newbie tuesday episodes and the like.
    Poor engagement; losing all your infestors unnecessarily. Poor macro. Poor drone amount. Really you have so many flaws that it's best for you to just watch day9 and keep practicing and getting better. If you have trouble, go to teamliquid.
    I only read the Sin War books so far, since those were the first in Diablo chronology :p. After that I needed money for something else so I'll read the next four when I get money for them.
    Yes, all official Diablo books have been stated to be canonical by Blizzard. They are pretty interesting because they tell stories long before the events in Diablo and Diablo II, at least in the first books and then they present the events that happened in the games, but in a more story-like way. As for the last book, Moon of the Spider, I read somewhere that it tells about things that happened after Diablo II (but I didn't read it yet :p).

    Anyway, if you're a big fan of the lore, read them, you'll enjoy it. And they aren't expensive anyway, I got the Sin War trilogy for 16 euros or something and the following 4 in a compilation called Diablo Archive and the Moon of the Serpent (separate) for about 18 euros in total from (they have free shipping :D).
    :p If you would like, I could get a setup for you. The parts could be shipped directly to you ;) And if you needed help, I could help you :D Or something... XD
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