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  • I just about finished my full inventory system using linked lists to index all possible recipes and outcomes to find the most expensive items to give priority with a built-in refund system.

    I'm planning an upgrade to KT2's high-period loop mechanism, that's about it right now. You? XD

    Errr. That's a quite shocking speculation you have there.

    Hello, just dropping in (since your name just gave me some idea to post something here.
    You may want to submit KT2 to wc3c, if someone uses your system and tries to submit there it will get GY'd.

    That may make people not want to use your system.
    Did you get my PM? :p
    Also, there are a lot of events missing from GTrigger.
    I take we still have to use the "Crappy Old Events" for them? :p
    Can you help with R&R? I would switch it to event, but it just doesn't work without an O(n) search >.<
    Hey bro, did you get a chance to take a look at the sandman spell for me? :)
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