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  • > do you have a Skype account I could contact you on?
    MSN is the best I've got.

    I'm on TH chat whenever I'm here, so you could start a private conversation with me there.
    Alternatively, just chat here or with PMs.

    Reply on my profile.
    I'm considering not telling you so I'll be more special, but if you want to change it... :D

    [SIZE=”1”]Date Joined: 11/09/08. Date Joined Merge: Not Yet[/size]

    Look at the first SIZE code. It doesn't use " it's using... whatever that is, lol.
    Have to spread some before pasting some peanut butter to you, :O I already gave some of it to shady, lol.
    I don't want to spam you with PMs so I'll post this here.

    I don't know how you title looked before it was removed from photobucket (the bandwith was exceeded) so I don't know if it was crazy awesome but I made a "standard" logo/title thingie for you if you want it.

    It can be found at this url:

    Which you can use directly if you want it, it's .gif so the background is transparent, no odd color swaps in background from the website to the image's.

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