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    Once we have the "wellcome to SCII" tutorial finished we can finally have the grand release.
    Give monsterous axes to the SCII forum which holds my tutorials. He offered help with the spellcheck, sicne it is getting a bit irritating all the wait that is. I appreciate the work of whitesock, and I am really glad for it. I am pissed at myself for not being able to finish them myself and having to burden other people with my projects...
    Can't wait in that case. I am on a 1 day trip then, but the timezones should patch it up rather well.
    Will do in that case. I have tons of real life must-do things this week. I have my final exam and some trips afterwards...

    Do you know by any chance, when you are going to have a personal computer again ? (this time personal is as in personal, not as the P in PC)
    I don't have MSN anymore, I get some wierd errors and (pc) crashes when I am using it.

    Try skype: zlatin777 I am always on there or facebook- zlatin bloodcount stanimirov (since there is a chat option there as well, so that we can discuss it real time, I also have an idea for a super secret project , if I can't explain it to you real time via skype or fb I will describe it in an e-mail. It has something to do with reviving an old and forgotten TH cominity project, for the comunity, by the comunity (and co) )
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