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  • Ok i will need to change some order strings so of the reloads and abilities so that the AI can easily use them
    OK there will be 3 AIs 1 for Assault 1 for medic and 1 for Scout and since each AI will control diffrent classes it doesnt have to be MUI and it will perform better.
    That engineer sound niffty
    Hey again you posted to your self lucily i suspected so and saw it ok that thing with not detecting through walls will do and i thougt i make 3 AIs for 3 classes thas not MUI but beter to handle and it doesnt have to be MUI since each will only controll 1 Unit so if you like it that way which 3 classes do you want
    Yes that could be good and i got the map what im i suppose to trigger now
    ok what do you want me to trigger now?? I was thinking that a make an AI for the players thas not human controled so that you can play on you own with 3 or 2 or 1 other bot depending on thr human players
    i already send it just check you email and if its not there ill resend it
    sorry for not being around but that weapon thing sounds cool like L4D pick up at the start and i look for modles and when will the new version be out
    but it would be good to have a rifle man in. We seriosly need to get diffrent modles for the units exept assult rifler.
    if you like it but about the modle i suggested it would look better if all the modles wasnt marine based
    so what do you think of the modle if you like it i already have it and i can import it for you and ill send you the map tomorrow
    Ok then how many waves should there be since im kinda done with the multiplayer thing
    Ok then do you want me to put in more that 7 waves or leave it for now
    oh yes about the multiplayer thing the those modification i made to the abilities made it Multiplayer so it wont take more than 3 days
    did you get newgen and the optimizer and what do you think of my zombie suggestions
    oh yes and when we make it multiplayer we will need much more zombies and diffrent types. We could use the ghoul and aclectolytes modles for more types if you want because they look kinda like zombies to and also make a super strong zombie that the whole team needs to take down
    it wont mess up and good because that flashlight ill be doing in vJass
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