WIP Defense of the Ancients : Revival

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    DotA Allstars : Revival


    An attempt to recreate the popular map, DotA Allstars.
    Version: 0.239 (Beta)

    A Short Story

    “Darkness comes upon the ancients once again after many brawls throughout the battlegrounds. Cenarius, the Lord of the Forest, awakens the other ancients, calling them to fend off the invader; the Undead. After being destroyed at Eternity's End, the Undead are revived by a new presence.” (And yes, this story is for fun)

    The Map

    This map is being developed on in the hopes that map makers may have an easier time making their own map better. I've always wondered how the game would be if there were certain additions to it that never were implemented into DotA Allstars, like a new hero or game-mode. This map I've been piecing together for few months now is here. It's not done but there is a lot of headway made.

    I agree, it may sound lame to do this, but it's for good reason. Why not try? There are heroes in other maps that aren't played often. If they could be tested in DotA Allstars it might give the creator a new view on how he/she could improve their hero, making more well-made maps. The reason why I feel the old template isn't good enough is because with the old one, you can't create a hero, get a few friends together to play your edited version, & after some tests get experience and data on what should be changed. With this, you can. Also, I do not support map stealing, I just think having something like this would help map makers make their own maps better.

    Hero Progress
    This list shows the heroes that are unmade, blank, incomplete, and complete.

    Unmade Heroes: These heroes don't even have a unit in the map.
    Ancient Apparition
    Dark Seer
    Faerie Dragon
    Lord of Avernus
    Murloc Nightcrawler
    Nerubian Assassin
    Pit Lord
    Sacred Warrior
    Shadow Priest
    Storm Spirit
    Tauren Chieftan
    Templar Assassin
    Tormented Soul
    Blank Heroes: These heroes have a unit made, but only with the Attribute Bonus ability.
    Bane Elemental
    Bone Fletcher
    Centaur Warchief
    Chaos Knight
    Doom Bringer
    Dragon Knight
    Holy Knight
    Keeper of the Light
    Lightning Revenant
    Lord of Avernus
    Lord of Olympia
    Moon Rider
    Naga Siren
    Night Stalker
    Obsidian Destroyer
    Ogre Magi
    Pandaren Brewmaster
    Phantom Lancer
    Queen of Pain
    Shadow Shaman
    Slithereen Guard
    Soul Keeper
    Tormented Soul
    Treant Protector
    Twin Head Dragon
    Vengeful Spirit
    Witch Doctor
    Incomplete Heroes: These heroes have one or some abilities finished.
    Bounty Hunter
    Clockwerk Goblin
    Crystal Maiden
    Death Prophet
    Demon Witch
    Dwarven Sniper
    Faceless Void
    Lone Druid
    Nerubian Weaver
    Phantom Assassin
    Rogue Knight
    Sand King
    Shadow Fiend
    Skeleton King
    Stealth Assassin
    Complete Heroes: These heroes have their unit made and all of their abilities finished.
    Drow Ranger
    Goblin Techies
    Priestess of the Moon
    Stone Giant
    Troll Warlord
    Ursa Warrior

    Helping Roles

    1. Hero/Item Spell Makers (The main thing that needs work on).
    2. Trigger Makers (Those who want to implement game mechanics into the map that aren't in yet).
    3. Idea comments (Give your thoughts on what should be changed).

    Question: Are you just deprotecting the map and calling it your project?

    Answers: There's two things to that. One, no I'm not deprotecting anything. Two, it's not completely my project to begin with. People in the past have helped me think of this idea, I just continued its life.

    Question: Why are you recreating someone else's work?

    Answer: Because I want to, and because I think it'd help others.

    Question: I want to help code hero abilities. Should I make it in GUI/JASS, & does it matter if it's MUI?

    Answer: I would prefer we work on this in GUI. After five years of editing I still don't know JASS that well. It should be in MUI too. Post or PM me if you want to help out.

    - Added Starfall, Elune's Arrow, Leap, and Moonlight Shadow. PotM - Mirana Nightshade is now finished.
    - Added Berserker Rage, Blind, Fervor, and Battle Trance. Troll Wearlord is now finished.
    - Added Death Pulse, Heartstopper Aura, Sadist, and Reaper's Scythe. Necrolyte is now finished.
    - Added Land Mines, Stasis Trap, Suicide Squad, Attack!, and Remote Mines. Goblin Techies is now finished.
    - More minor edits

    Old Changelogs:
    - Added Avalanche, Craggy Exterior, and Grow!, with some minor edits. Stone Giant is now finished.

    - Everything currently added, except for Earthshaker's Enchant Totem, is now MUI.
    - Fixed Priestess of the Moon and Windrunner tooltips.
    - Added Dragon Slave, Light Strike Array, and Fiery Soul to The Slayer (Finished).
    - Added Blade Fury, Healing Ward, Blade Dance, and Omnislash to Juggernaut (Credits to Tinki3 for Omnislash) (Finished).
    - Minor edits.

    - Added Weep's GUI Friendly Damage Detection System. Big thanks to him.
    - Added new Test command. Type in -test to activate.
    - Current commands that work are -trees, -gold, -lvlup xx, and -refresh.
    - Added Earthshock, Overpower, Fury Swipes, and Enrage to Ursa (Finished).
    - Added Waveform, Adaptive Strike, and Replicate to Morphing (Credits to RaiJin for Waveform).
    - Added Fissure, Enchant Totem, Aftershock, and Echo Slam to Earthshaker (Credits to Glenphir for Fissure, Aftershock, and Echo Slam) (Finished).
    - Minor edits.

    - First initial version to have HeX.16's spellpack. Give credits to him for such awesome work.

    - Updated Drow Ranger's skills.

    - Fixed southern creep spawn regions.
    - Reduced number of triggers used to increase efficiency.
    - Changed the positions of items to their correct locations.
    - Fixed Quelling Blade to work for range heroes and updated tooltip.
    - Fixed default water color to Blue.
    - Fixed pathing blockers.
    - Cleaned up a few items.

    - Updated the item recipes to work now.
    - Fixed item abilities.
    - Fixed Races.

    - Updated items.
    - Arcane Ring
    - Quelling Blade
    - Messerschmidt's Reaver
    - Revamped the Neutral camps to work periodically, changed stats values to the same of DotA Allstars.
    - Revised failing triggers and reduced number of functions used to increase efficiency.
    - Added Elune's Arrow (A02S) for Priestess of the Moon. Still needs some touches though.

    - Updated some items to 6.6X equivalent.
    - Kelen's Dagger
    - Battlefury
    - Black King Bar
    - Broadsword
    - Added Epicenter (A012) (Credits to Naminator for his Epicenter Spell).
    - Fixed a bug in which Kelen's Dagger would not teleport properly.
    - Fixed rune abilities from failing to work.

    - Changed camera bounds.
    - Fixed minimap from being brown and minimap icons.
    - Changed neutrals scaling and stats a bit.

    - Fixed a vulnerability bug with the Spirit Towers and made all the taverns available.

    - Initial public release.

    - [DL]Piggy
    - Angel_Island
    - CHUNK
    - Conal
    - Darg
    - DarkHorse08
    - Darthfett
    - Eul (For creating DotA Allstars)
    - Glenphir
    - Guinsoo (For developing DotA Allstars)
    - HeX.16
    - Hunter Demon
    - Icefrog (For developing DotA Allstars)
    - Im_On_56k
    - Knights
    - Licvid&T3s
    - Mike889
    - Moonlight (For his DotA Template)
    - Naminator
    - Oninuva
    - popo80000
    - RaiJin
    - Red|Beef
    - Romek
    - SD_Ryoko
    - soulreaping
    - Tinki3
    - x3pt
    - I would also like to thank everyone who helped in making this come to reality.

    Download Map : DotA Revival v0.239


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Narks

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    spells in dota are poorly created in the first place (lol gamecache)
  3. ertaboy356b

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    GUI? why GUI? If you want to make a fully customized map, use JASS
  4. Varine

    Varine And as the moon rises, we shall prepare for war

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    He said he doesn't know JASS.
  5. Zwiebelchen

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    Oh well, please don't ...

    Dota had very low JASS at the first place, and now you want to remake it repeating the same mistake?

    Learn Jass, damnit! If you can't do it, don't try to remake the most popular map in wc3 history and leave the job to someone more skilled.
  6. CungPowCow

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    Updated with a few minor bug fixes.
  7. Nherwyziant

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    Did you get the terrain from here? If not, where...

    You should fix the minimap, it is colored as brown not green. And the taverns on minimap is full of house pictures lol.

    EDIT: And Roshan's scaling value should be 2.0. You should increase the map boundaries, I can see the edge, while in DotA, not. Change the world cactus, it's really lame. And rotate the frozen throne a lil, since it's stairs are starting from the right tower, it should be at the middle of the two towers. The granite golems at the ancient neutrals looks like roshan, since it color and size. And I don't like it, 0% originality. Don't even think that you will also be popular by just copying how DotA works.
  8. CungPowCow

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    I used Moonlight's DotA Template map. Give me some time to make the necessary changes. As for the World Cactus though, the reason I did that was because I didn't like the old World Tree base model. I'll probably change it if I get too many suggestions to. Also, I'm not here for originality or popularity, so I'm okay with that. :)
  9. kingkingyyk3

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    No, but hashtable.
  10. Nherwyziant

    Nherwyziant Be better than you were yesterday :D

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    Would you like me to give you IceFrog's world tree model? I have it :D
  11. Nherwyziant

    Nherwyziant Be better than you were yesterday :D

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    Here you go for the world tree. Enjoy!

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  12. CungPowCow

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    Thanks. Now I don't have to use the "World Cactus" or the ugly tree model. :D

    Edit - Updated with the comments in mind. Keep 'em coming. :thup:
  13. Romek

    Romek Super Moderator Staff Member

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    > I would prefer we work on this in GUI. After five years of editing I still don't know JASS that well. It doesn't matter if it's MUI.
    GUI instead of JASS for a map this complex doesn't bother me too much. However, having the spells not MUI? That's not going to work.
  14. CungPowCow

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    Well I didn't think it would be a problem if they weren't MUI, but if it will, then I guess I'll change it to have them into MUI. :cool:
  15. Joccaren

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    The reason it needs to be MUI, if not at least MPI, is if players decide to do "same hero mode". They will both have the same hero and will not be able to cast the same spell at the same time without it stuffing up because the triggers for that spell only accomadated for one unit casting the spell.
  16. CungPowCow

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    Updated to v0.230 with changelog. It may be slow but it's getting better.
  17. CungPowCow

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    Update again: v0.231

    Worked on the neutral creep camp spawning system to work periodically now. See the changelog for everything. :D
  18. Red

    Red New Member

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    There's still lots of things need to be fix. Like the tree chop isn't really 15 sec cooldown it has no cooldown at all. And, those recipes still can't combine them plus the Forces should be Team 1 : Night Elf and Team 2 : Undead.
  19. HeX.16

    HeX.16 Isn't Trollin You Right Now

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    Why do people need to remake dota? The real dota is good enough....Isnt it?
  20. CungPowCow

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    Updated to v0.232
    Done, done, & done! Whew, there was a bit to do but the recipes seem to work now. :cool:

    Keep the comments coming.

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