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i was just wondering, how long have most of you been using GUI? how long did you use GUI before you started to learn Jass(if you learned jass), how long did you know Jass before you learned vJass(if you learned vjass), how long have u used jass/vjass, etc. just curious to see the time-paths some people took. :)
What do you mean how long? :confused:

EDIT: For about 4 years.
wow thats long o_O
i didnt even have wc3 for that long >.>
Yeah, and I still suck at it. :(

Actually, I just know how to read the GUI codes. But I still can't make myself how to understand the logics behind it. Just, stumped at it.
ever thought about learning jass? j.w
do you think youll learn jass at some point in time?
GUI. I hate TFT GUIs, don't forget.

What about TFT's GUI don't you like. The only difference I see between TFT and RoC is that TFT has more, and RoC is very limited.

I've been playing Warcraft III for about 3 years. I used the GUI for about a year and 1/2, and then learned JASS for 1/2 year, took a 1/2 year break, and then I've learning and using vJASS since I came back (1/2 year).

Of course the learning/using GUI part was all because I also had to learn the editor's ins and outs, as well as how to use everything in the object editor.
has any1 here went straight to jass skipping gui? or went to vjass skipping jass, or went to vjass as a whole or anything like that?
has any1 here went straight to jass skipping gui? or went to vjass skipping jass, or went to vjass as a whole or anything like that?

vJass and Jass are extremely similiar. "Learning" vJass if you know Jass takes about a day. (Learning keywords)

I used GUI for about a year. I learnt it extremely quickly though. I never wanted to learn Jass because I thought it was too complicated, but after reading the tutorial, I started making some basic, crappy code.
haha i know what you mean it sounds so complicated but when you put the time into thinking it through its so simple! well untill i get into the big codes >.>
i c i c
GUI - arround 5 years (if we are not counting the years i didnot code) and 7 if we count them!

Jass - Less then a month

vJass -Omg, i want to learn jass before, clam down!

EGUI - now that's too much, i call that Pressure, give that dude a warning :)D)

AS - about a month!
You are confusing two possible meanings of "limited edition." RoC isn't a limited edition in the sense that it was only produced for a limited amount of time and is now rare and valuable, it is limited in the sense that it has less content, fewer options, fewer maps, etc..

Besides, you can still use RoC if you have TFT.
I got warcraft when i was about 10 and have been using GUI until this year ( 4 years later :) , So you could say ive been using GUI for way to long but i started map making as a little kid so.......... idk
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