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Discussion in 'Tutorial Repository' started by Andrewgosu, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. EcHo_Tempest

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    wow great tutorial thx for all the detail :D

    but im sorta confused on the first bit for the triggers... how did you get this GUI
    • Set inGamePlayers = (All players matching ((((Matching Player) slot status) Equal to Is playing) and (((Matching player) controller) Equal to User)))

    thx for the help :p
  2. Gwafu

    Gwafu Active Member

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  3. revlisilver

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    Is this 1.24b compatible by any chance?
  4. Dest

    Dest New Member

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    You might not even be here, but all of your images disappeared. (Well, by Photobucket. :p)
  5. Romek

    Romek Super Moderator Staff Member

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    Ghan pointed out that you can still see them if you go to the image location, or save as.

    We'll need to reupload the images though. :(
    It seems many of AndyPandys resources have done this.
  6. Tanthalas

    Tanthalas New Member

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    Hello everyone.

    I'm new here, trying to learn as much about mapping as i can since i'm basically a complete newbie to the whole thing.
    So first of all, great tutorial! But it seems that the pictures have been put down, as you've probably noticed.

    Being that it's probably quite annoying for the creater when this happens:banghead:, i would be happy to host the pictures needed, so things like this doesn't happen in the future. This goes for all other tutorials suffering from this problem of course.

    Let me know what you think :)
  7. Andrewgosu

    Andrewgosu The Silent Pandaren Helper Staff Member

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    Thanks for notifying me, I made my old photobucket account active again.

    The pictures should be up and running now.

    (Plus the ones in my other tutorials)
  8. Tanthalas

    Tanthalas New Member

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    Thanks, pictures works perfectly :thup:
  9. Thumper

    Thumper New Member

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    Absolute Props to you, my friend! I appreciate the amazing tutorial! +rep :D
  10. Ichigo654

    Ichigo654 New Member

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    thnx this helped alot ;)
  11. Drakthan

    Drakthan New Member

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    Hey first off. Super tutorial :thup:

    But is it only me that cant get the Sell Tower to work ?
    And its not working in the map you made ?

  12. Jayluke95

    Jayluke95 New Member

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    Help with the timer

    Hey there, and thanks for the awesome Tut :D. The only part im stuck on is the timer part, coz im not really sure how to do it. I can see the timer, but it just says (=== + (Wave + ((String(levelCount)) + ===))). Do you type this in the value part, or do i have to change the function or something.
  13. Piranha

    Piranha New Member

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    Saved me!

    Thanks! This one really saved me. I didn't actually make a tower defense, but was able to extract the info I needed :) Had been sitting around for hours trying to figure out why my leaderboard+life system didn't work... +rep most definatly
  14. Nivius

    Nivius Regular

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    now i can finnaly start making the TD of my dreams :D
  15. Loxar

    Loxar New Member

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    Need some help =)

    Hey dude, just wanted some help with a variable.
    "set inGamePlayers = (All players matching((((Matching player) Slot status) equal to is playing) and (((matching player) controller) equal to user)))"

    How do I create this line?

    Awesome tutorial mate ^^
  16. Kirtanei

    Kirtanei New Member

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    So far I've been successful in recreating a lot of your tutorial, but there is one problem which I can't seem to solve.

    My trigger is looking like this:

    When it should look like this:

    Long story short; I can't figure out how to add the +1 value at the end.

    Edit: Finally I stumbled upon the solution by accident.
  17. TDN

    TDN New Member

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    I'm having the same problem. Just want to point out that that solution posted above does not work. There is a way to fix it, since I've seen TD's that work maze-style and don't have the problem, but I cannot find the solution. Anyone...?
  18. TomTTT

    TomTTT New Member

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    in this part:
    You can maybe put a word that you can see what the model looks like if you leave the main window up, and it shows on the left the model.
    i LOVE the tutorial btw xD AWSOME!
  19. irgan

    irgan New Member

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    Multiple Types of Creeps in a Wave

    Using your style of triggers as a foundation, how would you change around your triggers to allow multiple types of creeps spawn in the wave?
  20. dejaime

    dejaime New Member

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    Very Very good work!!

    I tried to Rep+ but I "need to spare some rep" before doing that again to you...


    Thanks for the great work!

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