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Discussion in 'General Programming Support' started by Slapshot136, Jun 21, 2014.

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    I have the options between MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL

    I intend to use it for 2 purposes:

    1. store account information like username/password and allow logins by searhing for matched passwords

    2. application logging (so I can search errors/etc. as needed)

    and my next question is what free (or cheap) software can I use to connect to them? I don't have the money for TOAD, but I don't want to be writing SQL by hand either.. suggestions?
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    I see no reason not to go for MySQL. I've mostly used XAMPP ( as a software suite and I can recommend it. Installing is as easy as just clicking through the installer. You access SQL and your databases via browser, view and modify data, input custom sql queries or use a GUI to do most standard things. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by application logging in the context of a query language, but it's probably still available.
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    it means I will be using the database to log errors/exceptions from an application.. it's just one of my use-cases where the table will look something like this:

    date        error                          thread           exception                     severity
    1/2/2014     could not open abc.txt      stat writer       error
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    I also suggest going for MySQL. Oracle and MSSQL will just be hard to setup and overkill, in my opinion, for what seems like a pretty small database.

    As for GUI software for accessing MySQL, I recommend HeidiSQL, it's what I use.

    These being said, you could also use SQLite, which is a very lightweight DBMS and takes even less setting up. I think it will be better for your needs.
  5. rover2341

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    For Me I would Use MySQL... Expect I don't, but that's for other reasons.
    I personally choice to use MS SQL Server, due to wanting more experience out of it for work related reasons.

    If it was for a long term project Id then use Linq Query for any basic calls, with a Data Model. And then Id use Straight SQL Query's for anything that's moderate to complex.

    In my case the server I paid 2 years for a while back happens to have a SQL license on it. But if I thought id lose license for it, it would give me more reason to use MySQL.

    " will just be hard to setup and overkill" I agree here. It was alot less painful to work in MySQL For me. but that's again the reason I dont use MySQL. I want to be sure next time I use MS SQL Its not as painful when I run into at a job.

    But I wont pretend to understand 1/7 of the options in SQL. But enough to get by, that for me that was worth as much as the project i was doing.

    If I were doing a contact for a basic to moderate project for someone else. Id just MySQL. As I feel it would be easier for them to find people that know it, cheaper hosting, and less things to mess up on it.

    - O This thread wasn't current. meh. What did you end up using?
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    Update: I did end up using mysql and the basic mysql workbench tool.. at some point I thought about setting up DB replication.. and then decided that I don't have the time to research how to set it up

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