Spellpack Hydro Rings, Unleash Liquid, Drown and Water Strike


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Improved all the coding of every spell... greatly.

You no longer have to read a porno story due to all the BJs - they are gone...
for good.

'Water Strike' now damages + stuns multiple targets, instead of just affecting...
one :)

Updated the 'ReadMe' with Implementation Instructions.

Bump, I guess.


I am a WolfieeifloW fan.
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Wow, Tinki3 your spells are uber especially the terrain its so godlike!
btw, nice model you choose
+rep for the nice spells


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cool effects video there ayumilove...what program did u used?

i have adobe premiere pro...
and what program did u used for recording the game?


Youtube account suspended! youtube.com/ayumilove8
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>video preview of Tinki3 water spellpack

That was cool, though water strike was only shown when it failed :p
i had some doubts of using water strike, i didn't know what happen to my hero when it disappeared... :confused:

and I had to agree with rinpun...
-Water Strike
Not particularly special at all. Not useful either. Sorry, but who wants to strike a random nearby unit? Not a hero, anyway.


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>i didn't know what happen to my hero when it disappeared

It's meant to "vanish" for a few seconds then strike some nearby enemy unit,
dealing damage and stunning units within a small radius in front of the caster.

>and I had to agree with rinpun

I changed the spell since then.
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