To die will be an awfully big adventure.
"Spam, er, I mean, bump?" What do you mean?
Anyway theres probably some book out there titled, "One thousand and one Limericks to please the mild-mannered human being."


Missy wants blood!
Here's a few. The first I made up, but the second my friend came up with.

The once was a boy called Tom
Who purchased an Atomic Bomb
He thought it was funny
When he blew up a bunny
But it really didn't please his mom.

Not great, but that's the best I could do for the moment.

There once was a girl from China
Who happened to be a good climber
She slipped on a rock
And ripped her frock
So now she wears a bin-liner.

I think that's it. It's nearly 6 years since I last heard it.


To die will be an awfully big adventure.
I once made one, except I was I think ten (ya, I was) and it was only 3 pages. Something about this guy goes to this battle but then get's shot by a bear or some such. I forget.


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There was once a young lass from Yale
who was know for dealing in tail
and on her behind
for the sake of the blind
she had her prices in braile


There once was a rapping tomato.
That's right, I said rapping tomato.
He rapped all day, from April to May,
and oh, guess what, it was me.

10 brownie points to the person who can tell me where that one came from.

EDIT: LOL IM SUCH AN IDIOT! I googled limericks and came to this page and I didn't notice anything until I got to my post.... hah... ahah....ha....
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