Modelpack Loadingbars // Tallybars // w/e Bars

Discussion in 'Models and Textures' started by Hatebreeder, Nov 18, 2010.

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  2. HyperActive

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    Old ones better cause it's frame is symmetric, but I like the new one because it fills from left to right, just like the health bar.
    Also I find it too wide.

    It's a great effect though, don't get me wrong, I like it. (as well as your other effects)
    Just trying to give some positive criticism.

    What softwere do you use to make these? 3ds max?
  3. Hatebreeder

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    I use Magos Model Editor and Oinkerwinkles's Vertex editor.

    I don't have the money to pay for such expensive products =P
  4. Devalut

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    can these be used via normal triggers?
  5. 13lade619

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    technically no unless you custom script SetUnitAnimationByIndex
  6. codart

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    yeah, so if i assign this bar to a dummy unit (unit type ward) and only display for one specific player (srr for any misstake in writing), using if GetLocalPlayer() == somePlayer then ... endif. Will i get any error?
  7. luorax

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  8. Laiev

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    Some people (I don't remember right 'who') said that can cause Desync if the string of the model never was be used before... so I like this way:

    function TempFunc takes unit u returns nothing
        local player p = GetOwningPlayer(u)
        local string s = "war3mapimported\\ASDF.mdl"
        if GetLocalPlayer() != p then
            set s = ""
        call AddSpecialEffectTarget(s, u, "chest")
        set p = null
  9. luorax

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    I've never heard about that, but btw it works too.
  10. mysteriis

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    I cant get this model to work, i dont know why. I tried the command with 1-21 numbers as it says on the topic and nothing showed up for me. Can anybody help?

    Edit: Forget it... dont know what I was doing wrong, but it works fine now. Thank you! for this model!

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