Discussion N-Dimensional Arrays, Useful?


Good Idea™
Well if you don't want to use a JASS native hashtable there, I still have my old hashich system and my doublehashing algorithms lying around = )
I still have my own hash algorithm, too. I'm just fairly sure it's slower than the natives are. :)
(Not 100% sure, though.)

PS. Updated first post to correct implementation. ;)


So many apples
>With the N Dimensional Array, I could even detect Stacks(instances).
Do tell?

Actually, if people have a use for it, I can submit...
Just because it does actually work. Lol.
Struct[GetUnitTypeId(Unit)][STACKS[GetUnitTypeId(Unit)]] = struct

STACKS is a Global interger array. +1 OnCreate and -1 OnDestroy.
This is just off the Top of my Head. One could rearrange all of this to:


struct Data

unit Caster
integer Stacks = 0

static method create takes unit u returns thistype
  local Data this = Data.allocate()

  set .Caster = u
  set .Stacks = .Stacks + 1

  set GLOBALUNITDATA[GetUnitTypeId(.Caster)] = this
      return this


static method Blabla takes nothing returns nothing
 local Data this = GLOBALUNITDATA[GetUnitTypeId(GetTriggerUnit())]

if this == 0 then
   call Data.create(GetTriggerUnit())
   set .Stacks = .Stacks + 1


This would also do the same, however, one would have to use this coding method over and over again... Which is annoying >_>
However I guess being able to use more dimensional arrays would also mean more options ( like, maybe have a third array either giving 0 or 1 back for event purposes... 0 meaning true, 1 false or w/e ).
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