US News 'Rape tag': The 'disgusting' new schoolyard game

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Elementary students in Minnesota alarm parents and educators with a variation of freeze tag in which participants hump one another to be unfrozen

A new game played in at least one Minnesota schoolyard is upsetting parents and teachers with its "disgusting" premise. "Rape tag" is just like freeze tag, with one alarming difference: Participants need to be humped to be unfrozen. Here's what you should know:

Wait, wait. Rape tag?
You read that right. At Washington Elementary School in New Ulm, Minn., kids in at least two fifth-grade classrooms were caught playing the game, says Sylvia Wood at MSNBC. Of course, teachers and recess supervisors were quickly instructed to talk to their students and put a stop to the game. Principal Bill Sprung then sent a letter home to parents cluing them into what had happened.

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:nuts: I'm not really surprised at anything anymore.


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In the situations of getting to dry hump chicks. The other variations, not so much.


Everything is mutable; nothing is sacred
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Not saying me personally humping 5th graders. Anywho, this is just club dancing in tag form.

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And yet parents are fine with women's dance teams where their "little girls" dance super-erotically to music that degrades women. Not to mention these high school dance teams are filled with young adults that actually know what humping is used for, whereas these 5th graders might not even get its functionality.

...Just making a point.


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How can you even be suprised when the beauty industry shows little girls to be sluts and peodphiles open tween (10-13 years old) clubs.

I have reasons to believe that the United States citizen have never been so stupid (of course not all of em, but the average).
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