US News Teen sends 14,528 text messages, dad gets 440 page bill

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I wonder how people can text so much. It's ridiculous to send that many text messages, really. Why can't people just meet up in RL or maybe on MSN or something?


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yeah that's hell a lot. I did 1100 msgs one month, cost $140AU on a $70 cap. I used to get set work each day in my job, and if I finished it early (which I always did) and returned to the office there would be no more jobs and no more work and I'd get no more money.... so I used to just text alot while working to drag the day out.

To anyone who thinks that 14k msgs isn't impossible... it totally is. If you live a life where you do ANYTHING there just isn't logical time to send a message every 2 minutes or with a purpose. Even with 1100 msgs that month I was always out of things to say and the majority of my replies were 1 word answers. I think girls just have an unnatural ability to talk forever about nothing
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