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From calorie count to portion sizes, we wanted to find out all the differences between McDonald's in the US and Japan. This is Food Wars.
I had a Torta the other day off a food truck, that is fast food right? Torta is like a Mexican Hamburger and it is good stuff!

This one is mexican fried chicken

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The golden arches and Big Mac may have gone, but Russians saw 850 McDonald's restaurants reopen on Sunday under new branding and ownership, according to its owner Alexander Nikolaevich Govor.

The American fast-food giant has been renamed "Vkusno & Tochka," which translates to "Tasty and that's it."

The company, which has Oleg Paroev serving as director general, plans to open 200 branches by the end of June and all branches by the end of the summer, according to a press release.

"If you recall, in May, McDonald's announced they were removing their businesses from Russia. I am very proud that they chose me to continue developing this business. That means the company views me as someone who fully shares all the principles of business and values of McDonald's," Govor said at a press conference.


The Austrian advertising agency behind Burger King Austria's Pride Whopper campaign has apologized following backlash on social media.

On Saturday, agency Jung von Matt Donau posted an apology to its LinkedIn page, acknowledging that the agency did not engage with Austria's queer community enough before launching the Pride Whopper — burgers that feature either two sesame-seed top buns or two bottom buns rather than one of each — as part of Burger King Austria's Pride Month campaign.

"Time to be proud," read the ad.

"We've heard your voices and listened carefully," Jung von Matt Donau wrote on LinkedIn. "The Pride Whopper is part of our client's engagement as official partner with Vienna Pride. The work also includes an influencer campaign with proud members of the Austrian LGBTQ community."

Some customers of Russia's rebranded McDonald's are not loving it according to images by social media users of orders that have contained some unexpected ingredients.

McDonald's pulled out of Russia following its invasion of Ukraine and a local version of the burger chain called Vkusno & Tochka (tasty and that's that) relaunched in its place to much fanfare last month.

But the Russian version of Happy Meals—called Combos—has reportedly left some customers decidedly unhappy at the additional protein served up.

Images posted have shown what appears to be insect legs and bugs in the burgers, while other pictures document creeping mold on the buns.

I wonder what kind of quality control the Russian government has there? We have the Health Department that are usually run by the city or the county in the US or it might be a state to state type thing. I wonder if the whole chain is not getting shame just because of one set of pictures... or maybe not....
McDonald's (MCD) is out with an update to its burger lineup that will impact its Big Mac, McDouble burger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, and hamburger.

The changes include a softer bun, more melted cheese, adding white onions onto the patties for a caramelized flavor, and more Big Mac sauce, the company announced Monday. The updated recipe is currently being offered on the West Coast in the following cities: Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Denver, among others. By early 2024, the changes will be available nationwide.

The change was first introduced in international markets, including Australia, Canada, and Belgium, where McDonald's said the new recipe received "rave reviews."

“We found that small changes...adjusting our grill settings for a better sear, added up to a big difference in making our burgers more flavorful than ever," a McDonald's executive said in the release.

Burger King has scrapped tomatoes from its wraps and burgers in many Indian outlets after prices more than quadrupled, the latest symptom of surging food inflation that is hitting consumers hard across the world's most populous nation.

"Even tomatoes need a vacation...we are unable to add tomatoes to our food," read notices posted at two Burger King India outlets. The chain has cited quality issues in explaining the shortfall.

The burger chain, one of India's biggest with nearly 400 outlets, joins many McDonald's and Subway stores that have removed tomatoes from menus as India's food inflation this week hit its highest since January 2020.

The US sandwich chain even canceled the free cheese slices it offered for years.

I had no idea Burger King was even a thing in the Vegetarian paradise that is India. I know it is not all Vegetarian but I thought it was mostly.
McDonald’s is getting rid of one of its biggest perks.

The fast food chain is eliminating its self-serve soda machines by 2032 at its US restaurants, the company said, explaining that the change will make the experience consistent for customers and crew across the chain.

For decades, McDonald’s let customers fill (and refill) their own drinks at its dining rooms. However, consumer behavior has changed since the pandemic, and the chain has experienced a surge in business through its drive-thru and delivery services, with fewer people choosing to eat in its dining rooms, reducing the need for the machines.

McDonald’s future includes restaurant designs with smaller or no dining rooms (and high-tech drive thrus) to reflect that new reality. Digital sales (i.e. orders made on its app or through its partners like Uber) now make up 40% of its total sales, according to its most recent earnings report.

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There goes the days of filling that cup back up to the top before leaving the dine in...
The bill’s landmark change is a minimum wage hike to $20 per hour, almost $5 higher than the Golden State’s minimum wage of $15.50.

California Governor Gavin Newsom smiled as he delivered the news amid a throng of cheering workers and labor leaders. The Democratic leader had just signed into law a bill to increase wages for fast-food workers across the state.

The new AB 1228 legislation, or the Fast Food Franchisor Responsibility Act, will give fast-food employees in California the highest guaranteed base pay in the industry nationwide.

“This is a big deal,” Newsom exclaimed during a press conference in Los Angeles on Sept. 28. “What a remarkable moment.”

Meanwhile, the National Owners Association (NOA), a group that represents more than 1,000 McDonald’s franchise owners, has slammed the landmark bill for its “draconian” rules.


In-N-Out Burger Expands to Even More New States

West Coast–based In-N-Out will soon have locations in New Mexico, Idaho, and Tennessee.

In-N-Out Burger, the family-owned chain known for its fresh burgers, secret menu, and not-so-great fries, is notoriously choosy about its expansion plans. Rather than plotting global domination or a sweeping initial public offering, the company opts to remain a privately owned, carefully curated brand that generally stays in its lane by sticking to its Double Doubles and milkshakes.

A rare Forbes interview with president Lynsi Snyder from 2018 reveals why:
I felt a deep call to make sure that I preserve those things that [my family] would want. That we didn’t ever look to the left and the right to see what everyone else is doing, cut corners or change things drastically or compromise. I really wanted to make sure that we stayed true to what we started with. That required me to become a protector. A guardian.

Given all this, it’s particularly notable that the chain is about to expand its footprint by opening its first New Mexico locations.

Sorry, East coasters, no In-N-Out for you just yet. The company announced on Instagram that it would be expanding to New Mexico for the first time, with its initial openings slated for Albuquerque. Its distribution facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, will be the hub that distributes products to the new locations.

QSR Magazine reports that another location is in the works in Meridian, Idaho, which is also a new market for the chain. And it’s heading even further east than that: In-N-Out announced earlier this year that it will open its first location east of Texas in Nashville, Tennessee, by 2026.

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Mc Donalds is the cheapest fast food with the App and the rewards. For what I get at Mc Donalds they always have a special on the app and I am getting out of there for less than half the price of other places. Those dollar Bacon Egg and Cheese biscuits and BOGO Quarter Pounders with Cheese and Big Macs that are available on the app all the time that is my goto when I am on the budget!

What is your normal goto or favorite fast food?
On a typical Saturday afternoon, teenage me would find himself at a northeast Florida McDonald's (MCD 0.22%) after a full day of surfing with friends. I didn't even have to think about my order because I already knew what I was getting: two McDoubles and one McChicken. On my teenage budget, that was the biggest bang for my three bucks.

Much like my grandfather complaining about the things that no longer cost a nickel, it's hard not to feel nostalgic for that old McDonald's Dollar Menu when I dine at the double arches now roughly 20 years later -- my teenage order costs $7 or more today, depending on location. But it's only logical for the company to raise its prices to make more money, right?

In reality, McDonald's doesn't make big money from its menu. Through the first three quarters of 2023, the company has generated more than $7.3 billion from something that has nothing to do with hamburgers or french fries. And it's surprisingly the largest single source of revenue for the company.

Even more importantly for investors, this underappreciated business model could be its true competitive advantage, otherwise known as a moat.

Harry J. Sonneborn was an early insider at McDonald's and has been quoted as saying: "We are not technically in the food business. We are in the real estate business." That's right, Mickey D's is one of the largest real estate empires in the world.

Another reminder of why I don't go to Taco Bell anymore. Recently they have released their new Chicken Enchilada Burrito, featuring Chicken, Seasoned Rice, Cheese, Red Sauce and Sour Cream. Unfortunately what I received was quite disappointing.
McDonald's is opening a new chain called CosMc's. Here are the locations and menu.

McDonald's said it is opening a new chain called CosMc's that will focus on coffee and other drinks, a step that is viewed as a challenge to Starbucks and Dunkin' as the fast-food giant seeks to boost afternoon sales.

The company said it will open its first CosMc's location in Illinois this month, with plans to open additional restaurants in 2024.

The rationale for the restaurant stems for the growing demand for an "afternoon beverage pick-me-up occasion," a $100 billion market where McDonald's currently isn't a strong presence, said McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski, speaking at an investor presentation on Wednesday. The new chain will allow the company to create customized beverages that are difficult for McDonald's restaurants to create, he added.

CosMc's concept is "what would happen if a McDonald's character from the 1980s that was part alien, part surfer, part robot" opened a restaurant in 2023, Kempczinski added.

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Reviewbrah reviews the new McDonalds double Big Mac. How the hell can you double the meat of the Big Mac but only have one piece of cheese on the whole thing? <--- That is what I say. Watch the video to see what the Report of the Week has to say :)
Rumor says that this is a secret menu item. It uses bacon flavored syrup and not real bacon.

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