TheHelper Site History - 1st Official Blizzard Forums MVP Story

TheHelper City - the MyMiniCity days...

Man I remember the first time I logged on and saw this minicity thing. I think at the time it was on the front page perhaps? It's been a long time but man that city got BIG!
We are currently ranked #231 in the US for MyMiniCity. I think at the peak I had us within the top 100.

Story Updated!

added Member Awards section
added more coming sections like Ilendil, Sixen, and RPDom.
NUON-Dome Section added.
Tweaked the timeline a little as well moving entries up or down to better correspond with the real timeline.
Removed much Coming Soon
Removed some NEW entries.
Bunch of new sections added
Bunch of formatting fixes
Made a new forum specifically for the History Story
Going to make each section its own post - WIP
I agree with Firecat, this is an awesome compilation! Keep digging stuff up. It is fun to read--some threads I recognize, and others are completely new (but juicy/nostalgic nonetheless).
Made a MVP only Index for just the MVP History in the story.
Did a couple of more sections to individual posts.
Added a whole bunch of information to the Banners and Looks throughout the years page
As well as a bunch of historic banner graphics and layouts.
Added the Prolog to the Index.
Finished up the MVP path sections all to to their own posts.

Currently I am moving sections to their own posts slowly and getting a feel for how I want to expand on each one as I go. Sometimes just expanding then.
Continuing to split off sections contained in the main document to there own forum posts. Did 3 more today. Also tweaked and added a bunch of stuff to the section.
Split the MVP Path Only part of the story off to its own post and stickied it in the Site History Forum. This will act as a secondary portal to the Story.
Additional Sections made into forum posts including Acehart the World Editor Version and SD_Ryoko, also SFilip Plus I made the History forum the first one in the Forums Index :)
Updated Index with Notpron thread link and moved that thread into the Site History forum. Also the Other Section.

Notpron Walkthru - by far - the Most Viewed Thread in the Forums - over a million views as of 9/8/13
Don't forget me :p Half of the WC3 resource Forum is MINE :D

You have to remember though, I was not and am not very active in the World Editor area. It is best if you guys write your own history and post it. I am just not up to speed with everyone who helps in World Editor.
Is there any way I can permanent sticky this thread to the top of this forum instead of it cycling through the stickied posts?
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