Can't Host / Can't Connect to and Other Common Fixes


  1. You must allow ports 6112-6119 TCP and UDP out and in, through all firewalls! - MOST COMMON PROBLEM!
    -Linksys Port Forwarding
    -Netgear Port Forwarding
    -D-Link Port Forwarding
    -Windows XP Firewall (comes from SP2)
    • Go to Start > Control Panel > Security Center > Windows Firewall
    • Either go to the Exceptions tab and allow the ports, or turn the firewall off.
    -Zonealarm Port Forwarding
    -Blizzard's Firewalls and Hosting Games Thread
    -Blizzard's General Port Forwarding Page
    -TH Guide - Firewalls and Hosting on -by SD_Ryoko
    -Port List of Routers
  2. Do you have multiple computers using the same external IP address (LAN)?
    • You must use ports consecutively to allow this to work.
    • For example: You have internal IPs of and
    • The first IP would need port 6112, the next IP would need port 6113.
  3. Make sure to install all current patches. If you cannot download from, here is a list:
  4. Reinstall

  1. Reduce the problem to the router or computer (do each step separately):
    -Connect MODEM directly to computer, test.
    -Turn OFF all software related to firewalls, test.
  2. Make sure your modem doesn't include an internal router/firewall. Research this information before posting.
  3. Check the Options menu in the game to make sure the port number matches the port you are forwarding.
  4. Use a static IP address (prevents the internal IP address from changing).

Fixes/Information for other common problems:

-Temporary Restrictions/IP Bans
-Unable to Validate Game Version

Any other COMMON problems you can think of? Post a reply to this thread and I'll implement it into this list. If none of your problems are resolved by these steps, please post a new thread.


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This will solve alot of problems :) Good Job Dtere

seph ir oth

Mod'n Dat News Jon
Staff member
I've done this already, and when the new patch came out for TFT, I couldn't host anymore. I haven't tried to re-forward the ports because I forget the admin/password and my father won't tell me (you're just going to give it more viruses :nuts: ). My question is this: what was in that patch that goofied up my hosting capabilities?
Re-Apply a firewall rule for ports 6112-6119 TCP and UDP.
Sometimes a new game version or new software version messes the rule up.

If you're still having problems after that, please post a new thread, since this is for suggesting other fixes to common problems that are not on the list already.


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there are some of us out there with NAT translation from out ISPs, so we can not make it work no matter what we forward, just a heads up :(


Is it possible to host while connected to a wireless router? I can put the cable right in the back of my laptop but i have to be at the family computer. I heard you were unable to host while connected to wireless internet is this a fact or is it possible to host?


It is possible to host, but seeing as wireless is not a constant connection, you will usually lag off and on randomly while hosting. It is better to have a wired connection when hosting, because the connection is constant.


Dtere said:
Make sure to install all current patches. If you cannot download from, here is a list:
when you say that, do you mean download as in when your connecting to and it says "downloading update"?

I know thats probably a stupid question, but I just want to make sure Im right with all this so I can host my games.


Yes, because sometimes doing it manually (downloading off of blizzards website instead of can resolve some known issues.


Norton Internet Worm Protection

has anyone figured out how to host while Norton Worm Protection is running? I have to turn it off to host, and just want to avoid the hassle if I forget to turn it back on...



Guys. I Cannot Connect To Battle Net.. Everytime I Try It Says...unable To Validate Game Version. Please Reconnect To Or Aplly The Current Patch Manually. Does Anyone Know How To Solve This Problem? If So Please Help.. I've Been Without Entertainment For A Week Now...


i did wat it said, but my star craft laggs in the middle of the game then i d/c from but im acually still online. help?



I can't host, i tuned off all my firewalls"that i know" and took a test, it said that my computer was extremely blocking things n' stuff. Can anyone help?


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Your Help (For ONe Guy)

Hey, Uh, To THe Guy With The "Can't Validate" Thingy, I Had That Problem Before, You May Have Deleted Something Important THat Made It Happen. The Solution Is To UNinstall And Then Reinstall Warcraft 3, And I Mean ENTIRELY (Though When It Asks To Keep THings You Can KEep THem). That Should Bring The Deleted Thingt Back And Fix The PRoblem.


hej do you have resolved your problem if you have please tell me how becouse I have the same problem.

ihave reinstaled more the 20 times and it didnot work its still says cant validate version

André Fossma


i can't host and need help.

i have firewall and norton anitVirus and popup block.

can someone help me???


I have a TINY problem.... I can host but none of my friends is able to join?????
Anyone knows a solution to this?


I have tried everything and I personally think the problem lies with the internal firewall that exists in routers... Anyone can help? ^^;;
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