Did I Possibly Just Hardbrick My Android Phone?


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Hello! Long time no see.

Anyway, I have a run into a little pickle today and I thought maybe someone of you guys here can shed some light/help me out of it.

Here's the deal: I tried to flash a custom .zip on my android phone in recovery mode and it uninstalled without giving errors. After that, I tried rebooting my phone to no success - it's stuck in the bootlogo screen (just says Samsung Galaxy SIII GT-I9300).

I cannot get the phone into recovery/any other mode with any key combination.

So my question is this: did I just brick my phone by erasing all files (or something to that extent)?
Can I possibly fix this myself?

Here are my details:
Android: Paranoid Android 4.4.42
Phone model: Galaxy S3 i9300

I've attached the .zip I installed.


  • flashzip.zip
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I am not an expert, but comparing the attached .zip to some other android zips, it seems to be missing some files, notably the boot.img

you *may* be able to get another zip to install by putting it on the root of the SD card and naming it "update.zip", but ideally you would be able to get into either recovery or download mode by pressing and holding the power + volume up/down while turning it on.
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