Science Electrode Zaps Could 'Turbo Charge' the Human Brain, Research Shows

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    For most people with behavior-impairing neurological disorders, medication and behavioral therapies are the go-to treatments, but their effects are limited and can take a long time to work. Fortunately, a new type of therapy has emerged in recent years that offers immediate benefits: transcranial stimulation.

    In a study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Robert Reinhart, Ph.D., an assistant professor of cognitive neuroscience at Boston University, shows that a few well-placed brain zaps, delivered through electrodes, could make all the difference between having control and losing it.

    Transcranial stimulation works like a tuning fork to get a person’s brain waves to oscillate at an ideal frequency. Operating under the principle that sometimes the waves from different brain areas are not synchronized — thereby causing physical issues — the technique uses magnetic or electrical stimulation to enhance the oscillatory “language” of the brain, helping brain areas operate at the proper frequencies to optimize connectivity.

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