Tutorial How To Post Your Trigger

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I think what's mentioned in the rules is enough for this:
Rules said:
Trigger Problems[NOPARSE]
Use WC3 Tags. Don't know how? When you have a trigger, look at the Events icon in the trigger editor. See the name of the trigger right above it? Right-click. Select Copy As Text, then paste into your thread. Put the
  • tag at the beginning of the trigger, and put the
tag at the end. If you are posting in the JASS Zone, there are similar tags for JASS. They work like this:

This is just overcomplicating something really easy. It's as if I was making a tutorial to make a spell, and instead of saying "Type this", I was using "Now press the 'P' key [Screenshot of P key], followed by the 'R' key [Screenshot], etc.
But again, it doesn't really fit in with the "rules".
And people may not read rules because they're those macho "ignore authority" kind of people.
At least if they're reading this, they get a sense of learning.
Also, what Daxtreme said here.
Not open for further replies.
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