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Discussion in 'General Programming Support' started by LocalDude, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. LocalDude

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    I'm about to start a new game project and I Was wondering what you would like to see in a game. I would like input about all types of games :D

    it’s most likely going to be a RPG
    I have a 3D engine "Homemade" with Direct3D10

  2. Slapshot136

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    ability to play over lan
  3. Moridin

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    The things I like most about RPGs:
    1) Cooperative modes / Playing with friends. NOT silly multiplayer combat. You don't need to have this though, as it involves a lot of networking knowledge.
    2) A detailed, interesting story that hasn't been done a million times before. Not a parody please. Parodies are really only interesting and funny for the first hour or so.
    3) Somewhat realistic dialogue, you don't even need voice acting (that way we can imagine whatever voices we want them to have)
    4) Romance. Might seem an odd choice, but I personally love romantic sub-plots.

    In terms of systems / combat etc:
    1) Perks are a pretty cool system so far. They really involve the player in making decisions as to which way he progresses. It isn't necessary of course, but it adds a bit of replay value.
    2) New / different systems of combat and magic. This is probably just me, but I'm super interested when I see new systems come into play.
    3) Hold to whatever core mechanic you want. If you want it to be an action-ey game, then give the player direct control of movement / hitting / shooting during combat. If you want it to be tactical then let the player pause and give orders like in KOTOR and Neverwinter Nights. Whatever you do, be consistent.

    Hope that helped ^^.
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  4. LocalDude

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    That should keep me occupied for some time :p
  5. s3rius

    s3rius Linux is only free if your time is worthless.

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    This. Story-wise something interesting in any way is very important, imo. You won't score with graphics, sound or special effect budged. So score with story depth :)

    The last 3 points are excellent advice.
  6. Darthfett

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    If you haven't seen this yet, you should. It kind of gives you an idea of what people expect from a game's "graphics": good aesthetics. Obviously you shouldn't focus on this at all until late-game, but it's a good thing to keep in mind, as it may affect some design decisions when you're creating the gameplay.

    When you say you have a game engine ("homemade"), are you saying you're using an engine called "Homemade", you're using a homemade engine, or you're going to make a homemade engine? If it's the last of the three, and you're not experienced at making games, I would highly recommend a 2D game as a starting point. 3D is very hard to work with, and you're likely to spend hours and hours and give up frustrated, especially if you've not even worked with 2D stuff before.

    If you're making a new game, I would recommend against starting out with networking capabilities, it's a ton of work, and it's much more important to get the game mechanics and gameplay down before something that complicated.

    Good luck! Keep us posted, and feel free to post more questions asking for feedback. :)
  7. Samael88

    Samael88 Evil always finds a way

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    Easter Eggs are important. There must be at least a dozen of them^^
    The ability to have companions that you can either evolve or equip in some way to allow them to be stronger.

    Edit: Oh, and a good trading system, not like in fable where you can abuse the living shit out of it.
    Edit2: @Darthfett: He has a graphics-engine that he has made himself at home. That is what he meant with homemade.
  8. Varine

    Varine And as the moon rises, we shall prepare for war

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    Any more information on what you want to do? 2D or 3D; what kind of RPG? How much time are you intending on spending on it? What realistically can you do? Is it just you all out or are you getting something of a team? Is there a budget? Do you want to deal with networking There a lot of factors that determine what kind of game I would like to see depending on what kind of developer you are.

    What's most important is what kind of game you WANT to make; then get advice on what we'd like to see in that kind of game.
  9. LocalDude

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    Sorry for the late response, but i have been ocupide with math and it just left my mind^^
    We have made a 3D engine in school witch i´m currently expanding.
    I have been a part of 5 games 3 2D and 2 3D "rather small ones 8 weeks per game".
    about networking i´m currently trying to make that work.

    Time: about 2 months probably more
    Type: Fantasy or horror survival, open but limited world
    Team: so far its only me.
  10. Varine

    Varine And as the moon rises, we shall prepare for war

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    I want to see some Lovecraft shit.

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