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Flappy Bird on NUON ?

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Thanks for this. I just wanted to be sure I was seeing it as others are (options menu doesn't work, words in gameplay are cut off). Just got my N501 and went with this first to test. Oddly, using the CD ISO (as I got this model for homebrew), it worked on the first try. After that, I got 'no disc' every time, trying probably 7 times or more. I followed the burning guide and made a disc with the padding files, and added the file extracted from the CD image. That has booted fine consistently so far, as has other homebrew done using that method. I'll probably just go with a DVD for this, but I wanted to be sure it could do CD homebrew. It may be worth considering either some padding in the cd iso, or including the plain file directly in the archive.

I enjoy the game, and definitely understand it is a work in progress. No complaints here, just hadn't seen much discussion about what worked/didn't, and other games have been fine, so I'm guessing it is just the current state of the game resulting in the obscured text and non-working options selection. I just wanted to be sure since this system is new to me! Thanks for working on something new for it!


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If you made a homebrew game on DVD, could you utilise the entire storage capacity of the format?

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Yes, now that we have the authentication keys we can use DVDs and all the storage.
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