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You can since does the triggerings on the maker.


You can change this now in User CP.

You create a THIRD thread, with the same nonsense of a title and content ? :S

I'm sorry for my little outburst there, but you can't come here and start creating thread with a title which is quite indescriptive (Could be longer :p) and english grammar of a 9 year old... And then, on top of all this, you post it in the JASS section... (This is understandable, of course, as you're new here ;)). Though I think I might actually be able to understand what you are saying in this thread at least, as there was no context whatsoever in the other two thread you've made.

So, you want someone here to guide you to making a simple AoS Creep Spawning 'n' Sending "system", is that right ? :eek:

EDIT: Oh, and welcome to TheHelper.net ! :D XD


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pls is the world we have not been released, the level of the unit we will contact you to send Warcraft3.
After running the post through translation party. :)

... Back on topic, use "Create unit" action and "issue order" to the last created unit group. Trial and error will help you, as well.


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can you to explain stepwise since can I do it of the sending of units in the world publisher of warcraft3? Please.


Ya Rly >.
can you to explain stepwise since can I do it of the sending of units in the world publisher of warcraft3? Please.

since can I do it of the sending...

You kindof lost me at this part. Please rephrase? Why exactly are you trying to send units? Are you making some sort of TD or something?


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CreateUnit takes player id, integer unitid, real x, real y, real face returns unit
Create the units you want to send where you want them to start.
IssuePointOrder takes unit whichUnit, string order, real x, real y returns boolean
Make them go where you want them to.
("attack" if you want them to attack everything they encounter in their path "move" if they should just move to target destination)

You might want to put your units in a group to refer to them later on.
GroupAddUnit takes group whichGroup, unit whichUnit returns nothing

If you like them to move on more complicated paths you'd have to create waypoints and send them from waypoint to waypoint.
The usual approach here is to create rects as waypoints and use the UnitEntersRect event to register units that arrive at a certain waypoint.

For a more sophisticated system you might want to take a look at some attachment system to attach the current waypoint and order to the unit.
This gives you a way to reissue orders if your units act stupid. (stop backtracking, motivate stuck units to move on etc)
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