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heh, what ever u think of is ok in my book, some times i let my mind slip into them fantasies...
Hmm, and i thought this was a discussion about what book we liked (i only read page 1 and page 9/10) just for some sci fi readers/fantasy, here is what i liked...

Forgotten Realms- i mostly like the ones writen by Ed Greenwood or something like that.. or RA Salvador...(wow i suck at spelling...)

Dragonlance- chronicles, legends, heroes, war of the souls, and rastlin chronicles (unfinsihed i think...) are the ones I like the most, mostly all tied with the war of the lance

Wheel of Time- all of them are good, strange how Moiraine dies in book 5..., if you read it, it doesnt end...

Ender's game series- good sci fi by Scott Orson Card

Most of these will take a week or two to read...(I mean the whole series well, i can do that)
Malice- said:
But to have the desire to have sex with your loved one (spouse, girlfriend) should be ok?

I am only stating that it is morbid to be enslaved by hormones.
Yes, and thats why the world is like it is today -_- because people become enslaved by their sensual pleasures . . . some people brag about chugging bottles of grease; of course, they have a heart attack a day later.

Way too many people on Bnet suffer from hormonal urges ~_~ even some mapmakers ... they put the most #*$@ed up messages for players when they leave that I'm not even going to post it -_-

I LOVE Ender's Game series :D just finished speaker for the dead, as soon as my friend can get me the next one I'm good :D
best books ever,

hitchhikers guide to the galaxy trilogy(evne thou theres 5)
R.A. Salavatore books/forgotton realms
O M GI jsut bought Salvatore, The Thousand Orcs and it's turning out awesome.

I also LOVE the Warhammer and Dragon Lance books, so awesome. (Elminster in Hell is one of my favorites)
connon(heheh love spelling it wrong)

u just made a big mistake!!!

stop reading thousand orcs!!!

begin with either the dark elf trilogy, or icewind dale trilogy, thousand orcs is like the 16th book of the series!
Bartuc, you're a Drow fan...

Read the "War of the Spider Queen" books, yet? The series isn't even fully out yet, I think they're up to 4/6 total.
im not sure if htata take that comment or a , i sufggest u read this coment...

but anyway


Dark Elf Trilogy

Icewind Dale Trilogy
The Cyrstal Shard
Streams of Silver
The Hafling's Gem

Legacy of the Drow
The legacy
Starless night
Seige of Darkness
Passage to Dawn

Paths of Darkness
The Silent Blade
The Spine of the World
Servant of the Shard
Sea of Swords

Hunters Blade Trilogy
Thousand Orcs
The Lone Drow
The Two Swords

THE CLERIC QUNTET (different series)
In Sylvan Shadows
Night Mask
The Fallen Fortress
The Chaos Curse

other books,
the one war of lloths books (i dont have them written down yet)
and highway man
theres also imoortalis or sumthing like that
and these demon books
Heh, I just thought I'd brag and let you all know that I'm going to Washington D.C. in August for a poetry convention thing :cool:
Heh, thanks :)

They allow you to submit a poem longer then normal, so I was thinking of submitting the "My Brothers" poem...

Wow them with something inspirational, ya know...
The Silent Sands

The hot, burning sun beat down upon the man’s back. He dully stumbled across the scorching sand, dragging himself on despite the blisters that covered his body like plastic wrap. His hands and feet had long since gone numb, and the skin was frayed and burnt all over, inciting agony to flow through his veins.

With a parched mouth, he said over and over something unintelligible – or it would have been unintelligible, had anyone been around to hear it in the first place. With quivering muscles, he slowly pulled himself over a sand dune, gasping in harsh, ragged breaths. The man paused and panted for a moment, partially regaining his breath.

Something glimmered brightly on the horizon. Cupping his hands over his eyes to block out the piercing rays of sunlight, he looked at the source of the glimmer. It was too far away to make out any details, not to mention the fact that his eyes were weak and tired, but he could tell, even from this distance, that it was green and blue. Straining his eyes, he was able to faintly make out the silhouette of a palm tree. His eyes lit up with renewed hope, and he scrambled down the dune on all fours, bouncing with an eagerness that canceled out his prior pain and despair.

Calling upon the last of his energy reserves, he started running towards the palm tree. He observed, as if from some distance from everything, that there was a strange lack of sand dunes in this area. That didn’t bother him, though – all that mattered was getting to the tree, and shade, and water, so he could convey his important message to –

Without warning, the sand rippled in front of him, and a large shape rose out of the ground. Before he could identify it, a claw hit him hard on the head. The confused man became even more confused as he fell to the ground, head throbbing. The creature towered over him, blotting out the sun, and clicked its claws maliciously ... hungrily. There was only time for a faint yell of terror from the man before the creature fell upon him, claws snapping through bone and muscle and tendon sickeningly, slashing arteries and veins, plunging towards his face –

And then there was silence. A long, eerie calm stole over the desert landscape. Nothing moved. In a flurry of sand, the clawed creature was gone. A sudden gust of wind blew across the fine grains, dislodging them and carpeting the ground anew with sand.

The sand covered the footprints in minutes. The body was completely covered with sand before an hour had elapsed, removing all traces of what had been – but leaving an ominous disquiet over the land, a mere foreshadowing of what would come.
Since some of you know I'm going to D.C. in August for a poetry thing :D I just thought you'd like to know that my mother asked me to print out 10 of my favorite poems that I've written as samples.

In case you wanna read them, click here!
Good Luck, isnt Broken X (or Lance, w/e) going too or was that just something made up?

Ever notice in all Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, and other Wizard of the Coast books the wizards are IMBA overpowered ppl? Lets see...

Elminister can kill a god...
Magus can probably kill a god...
Rastlin definately can kill a god, and becomes a sort of god...
Manshoon cant fricking die...
Shardil can kill anything...
The Crystal Shard is just IMBA im not even gonna start...
Those ShadowMasters are invincible except to silver and of course Spellfire and totally IMBA since they can change into anything...

Eh im just bored! nothing to do................... ok ill stop now.... nah BORED! ok now...
The light that blinds,
Reflected by two eyes
This darkness grows inside,
As my screams turn to silence

Walking this path,
As my heart starts beating
Soaked up without remain,
Reap what you have sown
My faith in life is,

I paid my time,
Reflecting on the past,
This disease I call my life

Walking this path,
As my soul begins to fester,
The face of my dreams,
The face of pain

Reap what you have sown

I see if I can welcome back the light,
The pain and suffering are the best parts of my life

Can't stop the burning from within,
The bleeding in my head,
Can't stop this world that went deranged
Maybe you should go to the convention will have next year.
20 lines for a poem is waaaay to short. I had to cut a few I had down big time and they turned into nothing of what they sounded like.

Anyways, here's another from not too long ago:

So I travel on this dirt road,
Hoping these dust of clouds will fade,
Revealing the face of strain

So I bleed maybe once,
Or twice,
Ridding the seas from my veins,
The seas that harvest the pain

So I've waited long enough,
For these things to change,
In a Hell without any regrets

And as I lay down for the last time,
Leaving it all behind,
Thinking of the ones I'm leaving

So the pain is over,
The end of a lifetime,
My fall from grace

So the wait is over,
Let it go tonight,
Echoing in my fall from grace,
But I fear what lies ahead,
As my heart starts beating
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