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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Exide, Jul 7, 2009.

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    valve is like blizzard in the way that they make everything awesome and a joke at the same time
  2. Whitesock

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    I'm still trying to get the eyelander with the demo. Bottle cahrging is fun though and often rushing past the defensive line will let you rack kills if you can aim with the nade launcher.
  3. Mahucharn

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    I still play. I can typically be found playing Demoman on a Payload server (ID is Mahucharn).
  4. Flare

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    Ah, I was on the receiving end of that yesterday (or the night before, I can't remember)... one of the really good players on the Rush Gaming server was killing me very often (I think he probably amassed a 7 or 8 kill streak by the time I got him) with Degreaser/Axtinguisher - I probably should've expected it sooner, but he was just ambushing me, getting a short burst of fire on me, then melee'ing me before I could blast him/myself out of his range :(

    I might have an Eyelander (a friend gave me one in exchange for something, although I generally use the Skullcutter when using the Targe) if you want it :p

    EDIT: Also, Battalion's Pickup is really awesome :D A Medic-Heavy with a Soldier backing them up with the 35% damage reduction would be fairly intimidating :S

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