Warcraft Zone Control - 2nd Edition

No offense but it looks like its gonna be kind of boring, not enough info given . . . Although you probably have abandoned the map anyway so ye . . .:p
@ PiCkstix. That's no offense at all once you see the details: this map has been worked on a lot already and it's far from dead, it's simply very extensive! The current ver is .90, which means 90 saves already whenever I had a major breakthrough which required saving. According to the editor it's map version 2273, which is the amount of times I pressed the save-button.

Thing is, that I've been working a lot over the last two months with not too much time for Map-Making, and barely any time online. :mad:

The good thing however is that even without internet I've achieved an awesome lot of work for this map. :) The main achievement after a a few weeks of brain-and jaw-braking, I finalized my custom motion system which will from now on add a lot more fun to my spells. I already pimped some of my spells with it. For those following this thread I will publish a pre-release of my motion system right here in the next post.
CMS - Custom Motion System


Writing this was a bit like cooking: take a bit of knockback,
squeeze out the juice of a jump system, add some rotation,
mix in motion queuing, finish it up with a strong look on
collections, and spread it all out on vJass...yummy yummy,
dinner is served!

Functionality - What can it do?

basically, this is meant to make your spells more fun: have units fly through the air and knocked back on ground
with a bunch of basic commands.

Operate with the parameters speed and (negative) acceleration to get a slide or knockback effect
if effects are set, your slider gets a dust effect on ground and a splash effect on water

Operate with the parameters speed and height to get a jump effect
if effects are set here, an additional e.g. to get a burning trail is attached to your flyer

The linear movements named above can easily be "upgraded" to add circular motions around
the positions as marked by the linear trajectory using the parameters radius, radius increment, angle speed,
angle acceleration and facing speed.

Sliders can collide with other sliders and non-sliders, which affects their movement speed and direction.
(still in progress)

*Motion Queuing
Motion Queuing allows you to setup whole "choreographies" for units. Simply mark a motion as
"queued", attach it to a previously set motion, and the system will work off one motion after the other.

Maximum efficiency - Pimp my code!

Thanks to vJass, code can be written in a highly efficient manner. To get to the maximum possible efficiency
in terms of computing, I strictly followed a set of rules:

*No game-cache related variable attachment
*As few function calls as possible
*As little calculation as possible in the timer child functions:
-Do without trigonometric functions for all the linear motions
-Precalculate as much data as possible before calling the child function
-Additional handles such as groups, effects and rects are created once and used on instances as long as necessary
(instead of creating and destroying them on every timer call)
*optionally the whole system can be paused when no units are to be moved around, so its timer won't be "running empty"

*Jass NewGen


Credits go to vile for his knockback system and for his knockback effects, to Waldbaer for his jump system, and to cohadar for his collections.
Big Thanks to all the Grimoire and vJass gosus and last but not least to SFLIP for writing TESH, which changed in-WE-codewriting
from demonic pain to holy pleasure ;)

    library CustomMotions initializer init_cm

		private constant real move_interval=0.04
		private constant real move_minhitspeed=30.0  //minimum speed to knockback units and desroy doodads
		private constant integer move_flyability='Amrf'
		private constant string move_slidewater="MDX\\SlideWater.mdx" 
		private constant string move_slideground="MDX\\Dust.mdx"
		private constant string move_flyburning="Abilities\\Spells\\Human\\FlameStrike\\FlameStrikeDamageTarget.mdl"
                 private timer move_timer
		private group move_hitgroup=CreateGroup() 
		private rect move_r
                 public boolexpr move_hitfilter
		public boolexpr move_destfilter
                 private boolean timer_pause=false
                 public integer extent = 0		
                 public move array MO
                 move cm_lastAddedMove  //to be used in the same way as bj globals: see multijump example for further reference
private function UnitInMO takes unit u returns integer
    local integer i = 0
        exitwhen (i>=extent)
        if u == MO<i>.u then
            return i
        set i = i + 1
    return -1

private function dont_hit takes nothing returns boolean  //dont affect those unit types: 2=structure, 3=flying, 9=giant
	local unit u=GetFilterUnit()
	local boolean b
	set b=(GetWidgetLife(u)&gt;0.405) and not (IsUnitType(u, ConvertUnitType(2)) or IsUnitType(u, ConvertUnitType(3)) or IsUnitType(u, ConvertUnitType(9)))
	set u=null
	return b

private function IsDestructableVulnerable takes nothing returns boolean
	return not(IsDestructableInvulnerable(GetEnumDestructable()))

private function DamageDestructable takes nothing returns nothing
	call SetWidgetLife(GetEnumDestructable(),GetWidgetLife(GetEnumDestructable())-bj_enumDestructableRadius)
endfunction  //use bj_enumDestructableRadius as damage

private function init_cm takes nothing returns nothing
	set move_destfilter=Filter(function IsDestructableVulnerable)
	set move_hitfilter=Filter(function dont_hit)
	set move_r=Rect(-128.0,-128.0,128.0,128.0)
        set MO[8190]=1
        set move_timer=CreateTimer()

struct move
    unit u  //unit
    real x = 0.0  //initial x
    real y = 0.0  //initial y
    real z = 0.0  //initial z - NOT for slides and knockbacks
    real dx = 0.0 //difference target x - unit x
    real dy = 0.0 //difference target y - unit y
    real dz = 0.0 //difference target z - unit z
    real maxz = 0.0 //maximum flying height - NOT for slides and knockbacks
    real d = 0.0   //total distance
    real v = 0.0  // (initial) speed
    real a = 0.0  // acceleration
    real w = 0.0  // initial circling angle
    real vw = 0.0 // ciricling angle speed [degree/sec] note: should circle anticlockwise if negative
    real aw = 0.0 //circling acceleration
    real r = 0.0  //circling radius
    real vr = 0.0 //circling radius incremental - only if the radius is to be increased
    real vf = 0.0 //facing angle speed [degree/sec]
    real time = 0.0 //time passed travelling
    real ttime = 0.0 //total time
    integer anid  = -1 //unitanimationid while executing the move
    boolean effects = false  //sets if burning effect for jumpers or water/dust effect for sliders are shown
    boolean hitothers = false  //includes colliding units and destructables
    boolean wait = false // false: do motion; true: wait with (attached) motion
    integer continuewith = -1 //id of following struct if further structs are to be queued
    boolean water_soil = false // true for last terrain was water, false for was soil
    effect fx  //the special effect to be attached over time 
    static method set_motion takes unit u, real x, real y, real speed, real acceleration, real height, integer animationid, boolean hitothers, boolean effects, boolean queued returns move
		local move m=move.allocate()
        if timer_pause then
            call ResumeTimer(move_timer)
            call CustomMotions_StartCM.execute()
		set m.u=u
        set m.maxz=height
        set m.v=speed
        set m.a=acceleration
        set m.effects=effects
        if (animationid&gt;=0) then
            set m.anid=animationid
        set m.hitothers=hitothers
        if queued then
            set m.wait=true
            set m.x=x
            set m.y=y
            set m.x=GetUnitX(u)
            set m.y=GetUnitY(u) 
            set m.dx=x-m.x
            set m.dy=y-m.y
            set m.d=SquareRoot(m.dx*m.dx+m.dy*m.dy+0.01)
            set m.w=Atan2(m.dy,m.dx)
            if (m.a==0.0) and (m.v!=0.0) then
                set m.ttime=m.d/m.v
            elseif (m.a!=0.0) then
                set m.ttime=(SquareRoot(m.v*m.v+2*m.a*m.d)-m.v)/m.a
            elseif (m.a==0.0) and (m.v==0.0) then
                set m.ttime=move_interval
            if (animationid&gt;=0) then
                call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(u,m.anid)
            if (height==0.0) then
                if effects then
                    if IsTerrainPathable(m.x,m.y,ConvertPathingType(6)) then
                        set m.water_soil=false
                        set m.fx=AddSpecialEffectTarget(move_slideground, m.u, &quot;right foot&quot;)
                    elseif not IsTerrainPathable(m.x,m.y,ConvertPathingType(1)) then
                        set m.water_soil=true
                        set m.fx=AddSpecialEffectTarget(move_slidewater, m.u, &quot;right foot&quot;)
                if effects then
                    set m.fx=AddSpecialEffectTarget(move_flyburning, m.u, &quot;chest&quot;)
                set m.z=GetLocationZ(GetUnitLoc(u))
                if (GetUnitFlyHeight(u)&gt;0.0) then
                    set m.z=m.z+GetUnitFlyHeight(u)
                set m.dz=GetLocationZ(Location(x,y))-m.z
                call SetUnitPathing(m.u, false)
                call UnitAddAbility(m.u, move_flyability)
                call UnitRemoveAbility(m.u, move_flyability)
        return m
    method reset_motion takes nothing returns nothing
        local real x=GetUnitX(.u)
        local real y=GetUnitY(.u)
        set .wait=false
        set .dx=.x-x
        set .dy=.y-y
        set .x=x
        set .y=y
        set .d=SquareRoot(.dx*.dx+.dy*.dy+0.01)
        set .w=Atan2(.dy,.dx)
        if (.a==0.0) and (.v!=0.0) then
            set .ttime=.d/.v
        elseif (.a!=0.0) then
            set .ttime=(SquareRoot(.v*.v+2*.a*.d)-.v)/.a
        elseif (.a==0.0) and (.v==0.0) then
            set .ttime=move_interval
        if (.anid&gt;=0) then
            call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(.u,.anid)
        if (.maxz==0.0) then 
            if .effects then
                if IsTerrainPathable(x,y,ConvertPathingType(6)) then
                    set .water_soil=false
                    set .fx=AddSpecialEffectTarget(move_slideground, .u, &quot;right foot&quot;)
                elseif not IsTerrainPathable(x,y,ConvertPathingType(1)) then
                    set .water_soil=true
                    set .fx=AddSpecialEffectTarget(move_slidewater, .u, &quot;right foot&quot;)
            if .effects then
                set .fx=AddSpecialEffectTarget(move_flyburning, .u, &quot;chest&quot;)
            set .z=GetLocationZ(Location(x,y))
            if (GetUnitFlyHeight(.u)&gt;0.0) then
                set .z=.z+GetUnitFlyHeight(.u)
            set .dz=GetLocationZ(Location(.x+.dx,.y+.dy))-.z
            call SetUnitPathing(.u, false)
            call UnitAddAbility(.u, move_flyability)
            call UnitRemoveAbility(.u, move_flyability)
    method add_spin takes real v_facing, real v_rot, real a_rot, real radius, real radiusincrement returns nothing
        set .vw=v_rot*bj_DEGTORAD
        set .aw=a_rot*bj_DEGTORAD
        set .r=radius
        set .vr=radiusincrement
        set .vf=v_facing
    static method add takes move m returns boolean
        if extent &lt; 8191 then
		    set MO[extent] = m
            set cm_lastAddedMove = m
		    set extent = extent + 1
			return true
		    call BJDebugMsg(&quot;|C00FF0000ERROR: MO array overflow&quot;)
		    return false
    static method add_attach takes move m1, move m2 returns boolean
        if (m1.continuewith==-1) then
            set m1.continuewith=m2  //attaches next struct
            call move.add(m2)
            if (m2.wait==false) then
                set m2.wait=true
            return true
        call BJDebugMsg(&quot;|C00FF0000ERROR:Queue position for attached move already taken&quot;)
        return false
    static method col_speed takes real v1, real m1, real v2, real m2 returns real
        return (m1*v1+m2*(2*v2-v1))/(m1+m2)
    method collide takes real x, real y, unit u returns nothing
        local real dx=GetUnitX(u)-x
        local real dy=GetUnitY(u)-y
        local real d=SquareRoot(dx*dx+dy*dy+.1)
        local real m1=SquareRoot(GetUnitPointValue(.u))
        local real m2=SquareRoot(GetUnitPointValue(u))
        local real v=(2*.v*m1)/(m1+m2)
        local real w=Atan2(dy,dx)
        if UnitInMO(u)&gt;-1 then
        else //the construction site: to be finished!
    method do_hit takes real x, real y returns nothing
        local integer j
        local unit u
        call MoveRectTo(move_r,x,y)
        set bj_enumDestructableRadius=.v
        call EnumDestructablesInRect(move_r,move_destfilter, function DamageDestructable)
        call GroupEnumUnitsInRect(move_hitgroup,move_r,move_hitfilter)
        if FirstOfGroup(move_hitgroup)!=null then
                set u=FirstOfGroup(move_hitgroup)
                exitwhen u==null
                call this.collide(x,y,u)                
                call GroupRemoveUnit(move_hitgroup,u)
                //set u=null
            call GroupClear(move_hitgroup)
	method do_motion takes nothing returns nothing
		local real x
		local real y
		local real d
        local integer i=0
        local boolean flying=((.maxz!=0.0)or(.dz!=0.0))
        local boolean spinning=((.vw!=0.0) or (.aw!=0.0) or (.r!=0.0) or (.vr!=0.0))
        if not(.wait) then
            set .time=.time+move_interval
            if (.time &lt; .ttime) then
                set d=(0.5*.a*.time*.time+.v*.time)/.d
                set x=.x+d*.dx
                set y=.y+d*.dy
                if .vf!=0.0 then 
                    call SetUnitFacing(.u, GetUnitFacing(.u)+.vf*.time)
                if spinning then  //add circling
                    set .r=.r+.vr*.time
                    set d=0.5*.aw*.time*.time+.vw*.time+.w
                    set x=x+.r*Cos(d)
                    set y=y+.r*Sin(d)
                call SetUnitPosition(.u,x,y)
                if flying then   //add z-movement
                    set d=.time/.ttime
                    call SetUnitFlyHeight(.u,(.z+4*.maxz*d*(1-d)+d*.dz-GetLocationZ(Location(x,y))),0)
                    if .effects then
                        if .water_soil and IsTerrainPathable(x,y,ConvertPathingType(6)) then
                            set .water_soil=false
                            call DestroyEffect(.fx)
                            set .fx=AddSpecialEffectTarget(move_slideground, .u, &quot;right foot&quot;)
                        elseif not.water_soil and not IsTerrainPathable(x,y,ConvertPathingType(6)) then
                            set .water_soil=true
                            call DestroyEffect(.fx)
                            set .fx=AddSpecialEffectTarget(move_slidewater, .u, &quot;right foot&quot;)
                    if .hitothers and (.v&gt;=move_minhitspeed) then
            //       call this.do_hit(x,y)
                if flying then
                    call SetUnitPathing(.u, true)
                    call SetUnitFlyHeight(.u,.z-GetLocationZ(Location(.x,.y)),0) 
                    if .hitothers and (.v&gt;=move_minhitspeed) and (.continuewith&lt;0) then
    //           call this.do_hit(GetUnitX(.u),GetUnitY(.u))  //hitting others at the end of a jump/toss
                if (.continuewith&gt;=0) then   // checks if another motion is attached to the current one, and...
                        exitwhen (i&gt;=extent)
                        if (MO<i>==.continuewith) then
                            call MO<i>.reset_motion() //...if so it is unfrozen and reset
                            exitwhen true
                        set i=i+1
                set i=0
                loop          // destroys current motion and sets the last struct in the array to its (free) position
                    exitwhen (i&gt;=extent)
                    if (this==MO<i>) then
                        call .destroy()
                        set extent = extent - 1
                        set MO<i> = MO[extent]
                        exitwhen true
                    set i=i+1
    method onDestroy takes nothing returns nothing
        if .fx!=null then
            call DestroyEffect(.fx)
            set .fx=null
        set .u=null

public function TimerControl takes nothing returns nothing
    if (extent&lt;=0) and not(timer_pause) then
        call PauseTimer(move_timer)
        set timer_pause=true

public function CM takes nothing returns nothing
    local integer i = 0
        exitwhen (i&gt;=extent)
        call MO<i>.do_motion()
        set i = i + 1

public function StartCM takes nothing returns nothing
    call TimerStart(move_timer,move_interval,true,function CM)
    set timer_pause=false

function InitTrig_MotionSystem takes nothing returns nothing


* made spawning system more efficient using vjass

* jass-enhanced shockwave with fire art also getting rid of the laggy terrain transformation

* improved multi-jump using CMS instead of two seperate gc based systems

* jass-enhanced warstomp with units getting tossed away using CMS

* jass-enhanced thunder clap with units getting knocked back using CMS

* made the Voodoo mage Shrink spell more efficient using vJass instead of gc

* added the Beastmaster Plunder Aura; an aura which gives player units around the Beastmaster a chance of gaining extra gold when attacking an enemy building

* finished the Beastmaster Flying Axes spell using vjass and ABC:
here's a little sample of the spell

 scope axes requires ABC, CSSafety, HelperFunctions
    constant integer axes_spellid = &#039;A04B&#039;
    private constant real width = 90.0
    private constant integer leftaxe_id = &#039;n010&#039;
    private constant integer rightaxe_id =&#039;n001&#039;
    private constant real speed = 800.0
    private constant real interval = 0.04
    private constant real spilldamage = 0.2 //spilldamage factor
    private constant real flyheight = 65
    private rect ax_rect
    private boolexpr unitfilter
    private boolexpr destfilter
    private unit u

private constant function Damage takes integer level returns real
    return 90.0 + level * 60.0

public function AxesInit takes nothing returns nothing
    set ax_rect=Rect(-64.0,-64.0,64.0,64.0)
    set unitfilter=Filter(function IsEnemy) 
    set destfilter=Filter(function IsDestructableVulnerable)

private function DamageDestructable takes nothing returns nothing
	call SetWidgetLife(GetEnumDestructable(),GetWidgetLife(GetEnumDestructable())-bj_enumDestructableRadius)
endfunction  //use bj_enumDestructableRadius to transfer damage

struct axes
    unit array u[4]
    real array r[14]  //total axes instances limited to 585
    method set_axes takes unit c, unit u, player p returns nothing
        set .u[0]=c
        set .u[1]=u
        set .r[0]=0.0  //t
        set .r[1]=GetUnitX(c)  //x
        set .r[2]=GetUnitY(c)  //y
        set .r[3]=GetUnitX(u)-.r[1]  //dx
        set .r[4]=GetUnitY(u)-.r[2]  //dy
        set .r[5]=SquareRoot(.r[3]*.r[3]+.r[4]*.r[4]+.1)  //d
        set .r[6]=width/(.r[5]*.r[5]) //a
        set .r[7]=-width*.r[4]/.r[5]  //xa
        set .r[8]=width*.r[3]/.r[5]   //ya
        set .r[9]=Atan2(.r[4],.r[3])      //w
        set .r[10]=Sin(.r[9])
        set .r[11]=Cos(.r[9])
        if GetUnitFlyHeight(u)!=0 then
            set .r[12]=GetUnitFlyHeight(u)-flyheight
            set .r[12]=0.0
        set .r[13]=flyheight
        set .u[2]=CreateUnit(p,leftaxe_id,.r[1]+.r[7],.r[2]+.r[8],bj_RADTODEG*.r[9])
        set .u[3]=CreateUnit(p,rightaxe_id,.r[1]-.r[7],.r[2]-.r[8],bj_RADTODEG*.r[9])
    method onDestroy takes nothing returns nothing
        local integer i=0
        call KillUnit(.u[2])
        call KillUnit(.u[3])
            exitwhen i&gt;3
            set .u<i>=null
            set i=i+1

function HurtGroup takes nothing returns nothing
    call UnitDamageTarget(u, GetEnumUnit(), bj_enumDestructableRadius, false, false, ATTACK_TYPE_HERO, DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL, null)

function TwinAxes_child takes nothing returns nothing
    local timer t=GetExpiredTimer()
    local axes ax=GetStructA(t)
    local group g=CreateGroup()
    local real ds
    local real x
    local real y
    local real xr
    local real yr
    local real dam=Damage(GetUnitAbilityLevel(ax.u[0],axes_spellid))
    set ax.r[0]=ax.r[0]+interval
    set ds=ax.r[0]*speed
    if ds&lt;ax.r[5] then
        if ax.r[12]!=0.0 then
            set ax.r[13]=flyheight+ax.r[12]*ds/ax.r[5]
        set u=ax.u[0]
        set x=ds
        set y=-ax.r[6]*ds*ds
        set xr=x*ax.r[11]-y*ax.r[10]
        set yr=y*ax.r[11]+x*ax.r[10]
        call SetUnitPosition(ax.u[2],ax.r[1]+ax.r[7]+xr,ax.r[2]+ax.r[8]+yr)
        call SetUnitFlyHeight(ax.u[2],ax.r[13],0)
        call MoveRectTo(ax_rect,ax.r[1]+ax.r[7]+xr,ax.r[2]+ax.r[8]+yr)
        set bj_enumDestructableRadius=dam*spilldamage
        set bj_forceRandomCurrentPick=GetOwningPlayer(ax.u[0])
        call EnumDestructablesInRect(ax_rect,destfilter,function DamageDestructable)
        call GroupEnumUnitsInRect(g,ax_rect,unitfilter)
        if FirstOfGroup(g)!=null then
            call ForGroup(g, function HurtGroup)
            call GroupClear(g)
        set xr=x*ax.r[11]+y*ax.r[10]
        set yr=x*ax.r[10]-y*ax.r[11]
        call SetUnitPosition(ax.u[3],ax.r[1]-ax.r[7]+xr,ax.r[2]-ax.r[8]+yr)
        call SetUnitFlyHeight(ax.u[3],ax.r[13],0)
        call MoveRectTo(ax_rect,ax.r[1]-ax.r[7]+xr,ax.r[2]-ax.r[8]+yr)
        call EnumDestructablesInRect(ax_rect,destfilter,function DamageDestructable)
        call GroupEnumUnitsInRect(g,ax_rect,unitfilter)
        if FirstOfGroup(g)!=null then
            call ForGroup(g, function HurtGroup)
            call GroupClear(g)
        call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(g, ax.r[1]+ax.r[3],ax.r[2]+ax.r[4],150.0,null)
        if IsUnitInGroup(ax.u[1],g) then
            call UnitDamageTarget(ax.u[0],ax.u[1], dam, false, false, ATTACK_TYPE_HERO, DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL, null)
        call ax.destroy()
        call ClearStructA(t)        
        call ReleaseTimer(t)    

function TwinAxes takes nothing returns nothing
	local axes ax=axes.create()
    local unit u=GetTriggerUnit()
    local timer t=NewTimer()
    call ax.set_axes(u,GetSpellTargetUnit(),GetOwningPlayer(u))
    call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(u, 9)
    call SetStructA(t, ax)
    call TimerStart(t, interval, true, function TwinAxes_child)


function InitTrig_Axes takes nothing returns nothing
    call axes_AxesInit()
    call OnAbilityEffect(axes_spellid, &quot;TwinAxes&quot;)
current state:

*added Beastmaster Bear Spell Frighten:

an insta AoE Spell that makes the Raging Bear roar so that enemy units run away afraid

*added Beastmaster Bear Spell Head Bite:

makes the Raging Bear kill an enemy ground unit instantly and converts 25% of its hitpoints to the Bear

*added Nightelf Shadow Walker Shadow Aura: Finally, the invisibility aura (pic)

*added the Windmaster Spell Draftback which creates a field of fierce wind around the Windmaster thus pushing enemy units back. Also sets a chance that ground units are tossed away and hurt

*minor changes: replaced the Elf Swordsmen with the Nightelf Huntress (model: "sentry"), which add a far better feeling for the Nightelf tier1 ground units; the Huntress is a bit weaker than a Swordsman, but a lot more cunning; further replaced the moon den with the ancient of war, which can be upgraded to produce archers.

Adding more and more spells as well as the defense mechanisms, I'll in near future release an alpha version. unprotected, so interested people here can learn some.


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Just a question, are you making your spells hero specific, or are they MUI?
Spells are totally MUI

Auras are hero-specific (to hero unit type id), and thus limited to 1 per player.
Yep, I'm still here. And the map, apparently, still ain't finished as well. It's been a
loooooooong time now... yep.

ding :)
yeah, I wish I had more time for map making...

To get a first impression, here's a somewhat playable alpha version. It's open for close inspection ;)
There are definitely more spells to come, the motion engine needs a fix with collisions, and defensive structures will become defense sectors meaning that a whole set of buildings is to be created (e.g. 2 Cannon Towers and 2 Guard Towers) to pose one defense sector. After all, I'm also tinkering with the initial defense mechanism to make sure that at least the 'home zones' are sufficiently protected against combined attacks. Also I thought of adding some additional auras to zones.

I actually wanted to add and improve more stuff before releasing this, but here we go.

Orc heroes are in a pretty good state of development already, so Orcs are a good catch for a run-around.


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I just read the post
CMS - Custom Motion System
I <3 Doomhammer
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    It SHOULD be there so I think it might just be an artifact of having an older style.
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    I switched it to a "Standard" article forum. This will show the thread list like normal, but the threads themselves will have the first post set up above the rest of the "comments"
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I don't really get that article forum but I think it is because I have never really seen it used on a multi post thread
  • Ghan Ghan:
    RpNation makes more use of it right now as an example: https://www.rpnation.com/news/
  • The Helper The Helper:
  • The Helper The Helper:
    What do you think Tom?
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    I will have to get used to this.
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    The latest news feed looks good
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I would like to see it again like Ghan had it the first time with pagination though - without the pagination that view will not work but with pagination it just might...
  • The Helper The Helper:
    This drink recipe I have had more than a few times back in the day! Mind Eraser https://www.thehelper.net/threads/cocktail-mind-eraser.194720/
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Happy Thursday!
  • Ghan Ghan:
    I'm not so sure, there's still a lot of Thursday left for it to become unhappy.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    still a few hours
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Its Friday!!!!
  • Ghan Ghan:
    Thursday 7/10 would Thursday again
  • The Helper The Helper:
    New forum coming soon going to be for my friend Saylor who is blind and he is doing motivational speaking and has an internet radio show and podcast. I am going to put a forum to promote him and other inspirational speaker stuff going to have some good stuff in it.

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