Would you donate an organ to a stranger?

Would you donate?

  • Yes

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • No

    Votes: 7 58.3%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 4 33.3%

  • Total voters


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Well, would you give up your "etc a kidney" to save a stranger's life? How about if you were paid handsomely to do so?

The clock is ticking. What is your answer?


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Depends on the organ.
It's not about the money (though the money does give me more incentive, heh), but more the situation and who the stranger was. If the stranger was Hitler, I would say no.

I never want to donate or give away or destroy too much of my body in hopes that someone can resurrect me.


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A side note for thewrongvine, to me a stranger is someone you don't know anything about, there for Hitler really wouldn't be a stranger.

I would say no. I'm going to keep my body intact, even after I die.


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right now? i would probably maybe donate my organs after i die but right now ehh not so much... i would still like my kidneys to filtrate the alcohol i drink :)


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it depends how vital the organ is, how old I am, if I have had any issues with said organ(s), and still probably no, since generally the implants are much more successful if the people are somewhat related (familty/etc.)

ex: I wouldn't do it if it was a kidney and I had kidney problems, since I would need both of them, but if I was old and had heart problems but no kidney problems, I might do it

or were you talking about after you die/etc.?

and even so, probably not a complete stranger, I would like to know some information about them first if possible (not really sure why too much, just curiosity?)


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I didn't know you can donate lungs. How are you supposed to breathe with just 1 lung?

OT: I would never donate any of my organs if I were alive and completely healthy. If I knew I had a deadly disease (or was already dead), then I would donate it.

Basically, I would donate my organs to anyone who needs it more than I do. Our bodies are gonna rot anyway, so why waste the precious material? :cool:


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Well I'm a registered organ donor, my ID has a donor symbol thingy on it and everything. So if I die, they harvest my swag and give it to people I guess. Does that count?


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Well I'm a registered organ donor, my ID has a donor symbol thingy on it and everything. So if I die, they harvest my swag and give it to people I guess. Does that count?
Only if it goes to a stranger apparently.
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