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  • It's deleted anyways :(

    It had 0 views before it got destroyed.

    It took me a while to figure out ahah. Had to use Azlier's PrintOrder to figure out since I'm just terrible all-round and didn't know how to find out it's order id.
    Not amused :( How do I select a unit that has been Soul thefted?

    Nevermind xD

    I just killed the hero and it still crashed :p
    Blah. I'll just recode from scratch, it'll be MUCH easier. Anyways, the hardest thing is recreating all the rects and camera setups :(

    I could just copy the code but I like having it in the interface :p
    OK, I need your help, right now :p
    In Galaxy, can one declare multiple variables in one line? Like so:
    int a, b = 3, c;
    oh, you're in sc2 beta...? i guess that's why you didn't notice my snippet that uses your system.
    Hey Jesus, you got into the Starcraft 2 beta, right? Just wanted to know if you could invite me, maybe :D
    Ooo. Wow.

    But I already solved it by a 0.00 timer, and even if there are bugs. Meh ^_^ Since I'm making a hero spellpack to support a hero suggestion for a map.
    private function onDamage takes nothing returns boolean
    set target = GetTriggerUnit()
    call BJDebugMsg( "Damage" )
    call BJDebugMsg( GetUnitName( target ) )
    if IsUnitType( target, UNIT_TYPE_DEAD ) then

    Not possible D=? T_T
    quick question:

    if i have a condition (returns boolean) as the actions of a trigger..
    can i use waits inside of it?
    now i craft anther timer system
    after few days i post this system in new tread
    i want to hear your opinion
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