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    The Helper
    The Helper
    And yes we get wild fluctuations but not in the extreme cold and we rarely get snow.
    Looks like I just missed your presence in the chat.
    Wassup Wasted? I did not know you were from Michigan - it gets freaking cold in Michigan! :)
    We don't speak of the cold! This last winter was so miserable! Several of my friends and family had their roofs collapse under the weight of the snow and ice. But I do enjoy the seasons. How are you TH? If I recall you live in Texas? Do you get any seasons or just temperature fluctuations in one big long summer?
    I freaking love your avatar!
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    I still remember when I changed it from the black and white version to the colored one it is now and everyone panicked! Have I really been on the helper since 2005? I feel old.
    Man, I think you are one of the few users to keep his avatar throughout all these years. You only changed it that time and it still wasn't really a change, lol!
    At a certain point you've had something so long it almost feels like a crime to change it. I've thought of changing it but each time I felt like I was destroying something very nostalgic!
    hell can you help me to modify a simple map
    You can now (officially, legally, legitly) purchase and consume alcohol and tobacco-derived products!

    Isn't life like, well, so great? ;)

    That also stands for a late happy birthday!
    Nothing major, when I first signed up I never got the e-mail to activate (if I did I deleted by mistake) and after spending two days trying to have it forwarded back to me I gave up and made this account. It wouldn't have mattered if I didn't plan to start using the helper when I need it, but to use it I would have to post which can't be done with an un-activated account.
    Yes, I have a bug report on all the Werewolf Transylvania versions with that werewolf ability that pings the positions of villagers. Note that it doesn't work if a villager is hiding in a tent/farm/plantation. I like abusing that. "Did you glitch out of the map or something?" "Yeah, I'm in Kansas."

    Second, that newest version (hoping it's not fake) has a bug with the thing keeping you from upgrading your main structure with units inside. It... bugged for me. Even though it was empty, it still had that requirement. Something involving the dog.
    Sorry about that. I did think of the Halloween theme pretty late though.
    I just happened to have been planning something for Halloween a few moments before I wrote the thread, and thought it'd be an appropriate theme. :p

    I guess you're right about the loss of excitement for Halloween. Though even so, I feel that 3 weeks is a good amount of time to give people.
    Think of it as another contest with a theme instead of something for Halloween if y'want. :)

    Also remember to post WIPs! :D
    Wow.. You're fast. >.<
    I chose 3 weeks because we always give 2 weeks for spell contests, and I minigames are slightly more complicated to make than spells, so another week was allowed.

    Then again, you got a lot of extra time to plan and stuff. :p
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