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Discussion in 'The Graphics Zone' started by WastedSavior, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. WastedSavior

    WastedSavior A day without sunshine is like, well, night. Staff Member

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    I don't visit the graphics zone very often, but i wanted to make a quick little animated gif of a dark hallway with a flickering light. Please let me know if there is anything i can do to make it look better.

    I also had the idea of making a shadow coming down the hall, progressing closer with each flicker, but i couldn't get it working realistically, any thoughts?

  2. undeadorcjerk

    undeadorcjerk The Ulitimate Lurker

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    make the light look like it actually flickers.
  3. WastedSavior

    WastedSavior A day without sunshine is like, well, night. Staff Member

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    Im not too fond of one word replies but.. i think "How?" sums it up quite well.
  4. Whitesock

    Whitesock Graphics Help Zone Moderator Staff Member

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    Faster transition from frame to frame.
  5. Syndrome

    Syndrome You can change this now in User CP.

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    You should totally add the shadow idea in lol, would make this very freaky indeed.
    Anyways, try making the last long pulse of light fade out rather than just flickering off, it might make it look more realistic. :p

    Anyways, good job! :thup:
  6. Samael88

    Samael88 Evil always finds a way

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    I think that you should make the lamp flickering time shorter and make it light up even more.

    For now it looks like you got either a 10-15W lightbulb. Or as if it had a covering lampshade over it, which it does not have.

    I got a 40W lightbulb in my room and it is facing one of my short walls and still lights up all the room.
    |      > |
    The arrow is the lamp and it's facing. It lights up all as much as yours does in that picture.
    Edit: Oh, and there is about 10meters between the short walls in this room btw.
  7. thewrongvine

    thewrongvine The Evolved Panda Commandant Staff Member

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    Faster light.
    But that is a cool idea, :thup:

  8. Moridin

    Moridin Snow Leopard

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    A few tips you might consider:
    1) Right now you have it flicker twice. The second flicker should be a fade in my opinion.
    2) It should have more random flickers to fill in the space between the current first and second flicker.
    3) The light should be brighter when it does flicker on.
    4) If you look at the light bulb when it is "switched off", you can see it glowing, which it would only do when "switched on". I don't think it'll be very convincing unless you fix that.
  9. PurgeandFire

    PurgeandFire zxcvmkgdfg

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    Looks cool, but I think the lightbulb should be a bit brighter on the flickers.
  10. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

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    I like it, but the bulb should change when the light is off.
  11. Tru_Power22

    Tru_Power22 You can change this now in User CP.

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    Hate to nit-pick, but you can very clearly tell the light is on in the darker picture. So it looks kinda off to me.
  12. sqrage

    sqrage Moderator Staff Member

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    Make the buld look like it flickers too, not just the atmosphere. (what undead was trying to say, I believe)

    Make the lights off picture a few shades darker. (About 50% I'd say)

    And make the long duration of light a little longer to add to the contrast.

    Should be good after you adjust those stuff.

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