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My entry:

The Trojan Horse

The Greeks won the Trojan War,
With their horse, they passed the door,
Whereby they caused the war to be won,
But what if all this were undone?
Suppose the Trojans knew the Greeks’ plot,
With this knowledge, they may have caught
The Greeks, so secure in their creation,
Ready to destroy a once-proud nation.
Suppose the Greeks’ horse failed,
And their warriors had been unveiled.
Victory the Trojans would embrace,
And their state the Greeks would not erase.
Here is that story, so often told,
Yet in this story a new ending will unfold…

For the Greeks the war was dire,
They could not penetrate the Trojan empire.
Clever Ulysses contrived a plot,
“A great wooden horse shall be wrought!”
So saying, the Greeks began to toil,
And from mere wood a great horse uncoiled.
The inside was hollow, so as to allow
The Greek warriors to be endowed
With being effectively invisible,
So the Trojans saw not the thing so fatal.
The Greeks were hiding in their horse,
When they heard a dreadful discourse.
It was Laocoön, a priest of Neptune;
He created for the Greeks a great typhoon.
Throwing his lance at the hidden trap,
A noise was created which caused all to gasp.
And more the air of caution he lifts,
“I fear the Greeks, even when they offer gifts.”
Now all the Trojans were convinced
That Laocoön had truly evinced
The final plot which the Greeks tried,
Yet just then, someone espied
Two hideous beings of great stature;
Behold! they were fearsome adders.
Towards Laocoön they went,
On his destruction, they were bent.
Yet the will of Laocoön did not falter;
He stood like a statue atop an altar.
With his bare hands he encountered the snakes,
And with godly strength their backs he breaks.
All the Trojans stood in awe,
No more from him did they withdraw.
They erected a great and awful fire,
And the plot of the Greeks then went haywire.
From the great flame, the wooden horse burned,
And never again did the Greeks return.​
That is EPIC.

DM Cross

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Sorry, I haven't been keeping up with the contestant list. I updated it to bring us up to all 5 contestants :)


Hippopotomonstrosesquiped aliophobia
The contest ended 3 days ago, and no one's said anything. :eek: (besides me)

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Chao - 83
kitkat - 85
Knight7770 - 90
Sixth House - 93
Rappunk23 - 88

For those of you who have trouble with creating a-z lists...

Sixth House

Congratz to Sixth House! Way to go, entering it for the first time and grabbing the win. Impressive...

Onward to the next one :)


Hippopotomonstrosesquiped aliophobia
Congratulations Sixth House :thup:

I didn't get the place I was hoping for. Well, maybe next time I will finally get second to last place. ;)

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Just so you know, Knight, your image didn't work for me, whatever it was.


Анна Ахматова
I agree with your decision, Seth. Sixth House had something good. I also liked Knight's. Congratulations, Sixth House and everyone else who participated. I think we should have a short story contest.

Sixth House

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WOAH! :eek:
I won? Thanks a lot everybody! I do think the credit goes to Ninva for the inspiration for me to try again :).
"I am confident that if anyone actually penetrates our facades, even the most perceptive would still be fundamentally unprepared for the truth of The Sixth House."


Hippopotomonstrosesquiped aliophobia
So, the winner of the contest makes the next one, right? ;)

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DM Cross

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The Stable Boy

I... Was a nobody. Raised as the son of a farmer, I hadn't even grown up to inherit the farm or have one of my own. No, I had grown and matured from the son of a farmer to nothing more than a stable boy. No one knew my name or cared what I looked like. The King's magician, a man who had so many spells and words to remember, would, to this very day, always looked at me as if he hadn't seen me tending the stables every single day in the twelve years I had spent at the King's castle. That is how unknown I had lived my life.

So why, in the name of all the Lord touches, was it up to me to save the world?

Brief Summary​
The Stable Boy is a tale of fate gone wrong as Christoph, the stable boy of King Scot's castle comes to find he is standing in another man's destiny. His birth, manipulated by Terek, disrupts the path of a knight, Sir Borock. Fated to save the world, an ernaged and insanely jealous Borock comes to find himself the sidekick to Christoph's hero. They travel together until Borock's jealousy causes his insanity and betrayal, attempting to kill Christoph. As the stable boy stumbles his way through another man's footsteps, he makes allies of those who were meant to be enemies and enemies of those who were meant to be allies. In the end, he must fend off waves of Terek's drones and slaves, avoid the knife of once-knight-turned Bandit King Borock and get the other Entiri to aid him in... Whatever it is he's supposed to do.

Hey... He is, after all, just the stable boy.

Brief Character Bios​

Christoph, age 24
Low on self-esteem and high on fear, Christoph believes in doing the right thing but is both afraid to try and petrified of failing. In the end, the idea that innocent lives are depending on him pushes his courage just high enough to do whatever it is he needs to do.

Knight/Bandit King Borock, age 32
Once the most decorated knight in King Scot's army, Borock cannot stand to be Christoph's sidekick in a destiny that was rightfully his. His jealousy pushes him over the edge finally and the knight betrays the stable boy, assuming that if he kills Christoph, he can step out of the stable boy's shadow and back into the spotlight.

King Scot, age 60
A minor character, King Scot appears to be a valiant king just before he is killed in the confusion of who's destiny belongs to who. His death motivates Christoph for a limited time before fear and a lack of confidence make him doubt himself more. His death also angers Borock, who believes it is Christoph's fault.

Princess/"Queen" Deana, age 19
The princess is King Scot's only child and when he is killed, his kingdom, as stated in tradition, is to go to the next rightful male heir. With no son, his kingdom would fall into those responsible for his death. Enraged both by such laws and her suspicions that the King's council had something to do with his assassination, she rallies her people to become the first ruling Queen and fight back against the King's assassin's and the corrupt council.

Ark, age 16
The assassin first assigned to kill King Scot, Ark does so with the promise of Princess Deana's hand in marriage. When Princess becomes Queen, he is ordered by the Council to also eliminate her. He refuses, is attacked and held captive until saved by Christoph. When he comes clean about his evil deed to his secret lover (the Princess/"Queen") she vows to never forgive him and banishes him from the kingdom. Heartbroken, Ark appears to disappear, reappearing briefly as a member of Borock's gang of bandits. About to kill Christoph, the stable boy reminds him he is just proving the Princess right. Realizing Christoph is right, he again disappears only reappearing one more time to die defending the Queen, who then forgives him.

The Magician, age unknown
An old man who believes heavily in tradition, the Magician refuses to serve Deana, a woman. Turning his back on the kingdom, we only see the Magician one more time when Christoph stumbles into his home and helps fend off a small army of Terek's slaves. Still refusing to help, the old man turns Christoph away with a sharp "Thank you, goodbye!" Borock late boasts of killing the Magician, but this is never confirmed.

DM Cross

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Goblins at the Gates

The citadel of Stonebridge has never been destroy. It has never been breached, nor has it been infiltrated. It has stood, untouched by it's enemies since the days where battles and wars were fought only with the blade and bow, before such a thing as magic came to be. The gates of Stonebridge have never wavered.

Until now.

Hunted and killed to the point of endangerment, Stonebridge's greatest enemy, the Goblins are at a breaking point, they are broken, disheartened.


Enough, it would seem, to push them into an unholy alliance with a dark figure. Now, allied with what can be described only as pure evil, they are coming with vengeance in their eyes and hate in their hearts.

The Goblins are at the gates...

Brief Summary​

Stonebridge has never been destroyed, let alone breached. But that record may become tarnished when the Stonebridge Dwarves push the local Goblin clans to do something truly unholy. Calling on their own Entiri, Gorcalik and another, they make a pact with the dead. Or rather, the Undead. Taur'Amandil was once a laughable apprentice to a great wizard. Until the evil Terek corrupted his mind with promises of powerful (and forbidden) magics. Turning on and killing his master with these powers, Taur is now known as the Necromancer, a Demi-Entiri of the Undead. Promising them an invincible army, the Necromancer raises thousands of Goblins slain by the Stonebridge patrols and they lay siege to the town. As the famous impenetrable gates shatter, a gruff but battle-seasoned Dwarf named Grout must try to save the city and destroy those Goblins that are given control over the unstoppable army from beyond the grave.

Brief Character Bios​

Grout, age 459
An old and stubborn Dwarf, Grout is both fearless and overly proud. His pride becomes his downfall when he refuses aid in his fight against the Goblins. Luckily, Grout has good friends and with friends like his, the army should be worried.

Grok & Grik, age 32 & 33
Two of the craziest Goblins you would ever hope to meet (and who hopes to meet a Goblin anyway?) these two are the right (and left) hands to the Goblin King, Gobokig. As both his closest "political advisers" and clinically insane, it's no surprise that the idea to team up with the Undead was their idea. They may regret it by the time this war is over, as the Necromancer's concern for the living is far out-weighted by his lust to create more and new kinds of Undead.

Amund, age 738 (from death)
Taur'Amandil has many favorite undead, but most pale when compared to Amund. Once an Orc warrior, Amund is lean-muscled and far more intelligent than his living kind, a side-effect of living centuries. With his skin spell-stitched over a dozen times, this natural raw power and trained speed and agility are amplified five fold, making him an utter killing machine. Eager to sink his blades into the living, Amund cares only for his loyalty to the Necromancer, ready to turn on the Goblins the second Taur commands.

Goblin King Gobokig, age 44
Ancient by Goblin years, Gobokig dreams of the day when Goblins will overthrow Stonebridge and it's Dwarves. Greedy and a bit of a coward, the Goblin King lets his soldiers do the fighting, and makes Grik and Grok do most everything else. While he fears the Necromancer and his minions, Gobokig is just as fearful of looking weak in front of his people in a society where the biggest and strongest rule.

Sleera, age 50
Almost no Goblin lives past 45, making Sleera almost legendary. As the "seer" to Gobokig, she is his magical council. Though, the sexist Goblin King shows little regard or respect for her when she tries to warn him against drawing the attention of the Dead Entiri, Taur'Amandil. She tries to prove herself right that the Undead are not true allies and almost dies for her answer at the hands of Amund. Surviving by distraction, Sleera abandons her clan, a punishment only taken in the form of death.

Gabe, age 142
While Gabe isn't as old as Grout, the gnome is in the similar age range by Gnome years. A techo-wiz (and failure) Gabe looks up to the strong Grout, feeling that his life was pointless when compared to the Dwarf's. While Grout may appear unfriendly, Gabe believes he can aid Grout, if only his machines and personal inventions would work. Gabe's only claim to fame is his invention of the Automated Flaming Crossbow, which uses specifically crafted bolts that are hallowed out and filled with liquor and a small candle on the tip (protected from the wind by glass sides) to light them. He later modifies this to create Kranin's first flamethrower (Which Grout deems "a wondrous waste of good ale)
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