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Discussion in 'Systems and Snippets' started by Jesus4Lyf, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. quraji

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    It's easy to add them to a group as they're created.
  2. kingkingyyk3

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    If you want to do this.. either hooking or calling function is needed.

    Disadvantage :
    Hook : Make CreateUnit becomes slower.
    GroupAddUnit : Ugly interface.
  3. quraji

    quraji zap

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    Who would use a hook for this?


    Even if the interface was extremely ugly (which it's not), it's inside a who cares?

    We've totally hijacked this thread :p
  4. Nherwyziant

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    How about let the rain drops scatter instead of getting stuck in one place.
  5. Jesus4Lyf

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    Like... disobey gravity, for some reason? XD
  6. ElChupanebre

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    It's magic rain, it can disobey whatever the hell it wants.
    Great work.
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  7. Kenny

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    I decided to test this again to see how well my computer could run WC3, and to see how many projectiles (rain drops) it should be handling before it starts to lag.

    So at 400 rain drops, I had an amazing 13.9 frames per second (FPS drop of about 60.0). :thup:

    This came as quite a relief to me, as now I know that even the most efficient system for moving units in quite a basic manner drops my frame rate that low. I also now know that my WIP projectile system isn't as terrible as I thought it was.

    Oh and I tried this with 1000 rain drops and got an incredible, amazing, ridiculous... 0.2 frames per second!

    Anywho, this system is really really cool. I could actually see if being used for a spell...

    Attach a +hp% regen aura and a -hp% degen aura to the rain drops, set the rect to something small around the target area of the spell, and you have yourself a cool healing/damaging magical downpour.
  8. Hatebreeder

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    I wonder if the FPS drops, if you don't see all the rain drops...

    Like, if you have 1000 drain drops going on but only see like 400 due to your restricted sight range.

    Else, I'd only be seeing this system be used on games that have some effect on the environment.
  9. Executor

    Executor I see you

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    Hm, I think in this case not to see all wouldn't help. As I experienced you can have 2 types of lag: One caused by the graphic board and one by the processor.

    You (I ^^) gain graphic lags if there are to much visible (in your camera) heavy/big effects.

    The other type is caused by to heavy calculations in the background and thats the case here.
  10. SanKakU

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    Hah. The name of AIDS(because of the same spelling as a more infamous acronym) is universally aversive. That's probably why.
  11. Ghan

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  12. Hero

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    Just for the author.

    Set it to 2000 for testing purposes.

    private constant integer LIFESPAN_TICKS=2000 // Max raindrops, also.

  13. GetTriggerUnit-

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    Haha ;D
    Lowest FPS ever
  14. Hero

    Hero ─║╣ero─

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    Yea but 2000 is a lot lmfaooo. And this is a gaming rig. I doubt many other computers can even achieve that much lol
  15. Jesus4Lyf

    Jesus4Lyf Good Idea™

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    It's actually really cool - most computers can handle 400, which shows that carefully, well written JASS is actually very efficient. :)

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