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Tom Mai: The Origins

Hi folks, I'm Tom. People here usually call me by my initials, TM, or Tom Mai.

This is a multi-part thread made for The Helper to complete the Site History section. Since the whole section is created and done by The Helper himself, I disliked having to break his pattern he has done with this thread and interrupting the flow. The admins is welcomed to move this thread around, or edit this thread completely.

This thread also has a personal purpose, for me: Practicing my writing skills in preparation for the GRE. So, I really do appreciate any sort of comments/feedbacks given. Your posts may not only help me learn and focus my writing skills, but also help me recall some of the misnomer facts I may have remembered, and correct my errors.


The theme, origins, is what I chose to signify almost everything I can remember, starting from the past, and moving towards the present. The theme also implies everything from the way back.

It started off with me and my cousin going into a bookstore/cram school in the summer of 2004. We were looking for any hot games we can managed to buy in the Gaming section. I don't know why there's a Gaming section inside a bookstore/cram school for English, but it's there for a purpose.

While browsing through the section, my cousin caught eyes with an unfamiliar face on the front cover, the orcish Thralls. As I see it (or saw it), the green face stood out from a lot of other game covers, and it's very obvious if you're standing from a distance. He got curious, had a little discussion with me actually persuading him to go buy one, and actually did bought one. (How I persuade: Real-time strategy game can boost a person's IQ and reaction times. Fake, I know right?)

We both sped to my cousin's home, got in front of the computer, and started up the installation. At the time, the installation process usually took about a full hour to complete. We both were a bit hasty when it comes to installations, so we started playing our Nintendo 64 games until the installation finished.

We booted up the game, run through its tutorials, and played a network game match. And that's it; That's my cousin's entire gameplay. It's evident that he's not interested in strategy-related genre games, and more keen on action-packed games.

As I expected, he quickly lost all interests in the game. I went up to him, asked if he wishes to give the game to me, and got my gift under a day. There goes his 900NTD taken from his wallet. How sly of me!

I went back to my home, turned on my computer, install the game, and started messing with the game stuffs. I realized how bad I was in the first campaign level, and became aware of my free time, I had to resort to relying on cheat codes to advance through the game and learn the story throughout the campaign.

4 hours and a dinner later, the campaign mode is complete. Awestruck by its wonderful story, I opened up the game manual, and read from front to back the entire book. At the time, game manuals usually come with backstories to each main and supporting characters, and they were pretty thick. Reading them is like you're reading a children's book at the age of 10, it's that blissful.

As you can see, all of this happened within a day. Life sure is wonderful back then. The rest of the events happened sporadically, some even spanning a few weeks in between.

It is around a few days after I received this gift from my cousin, that I started to become curious with the game. While playing against PCs, I noticed that there's nothing else you can do while in single player mode. Jumping online, I created my account name. And this is where my alias was created; It's created from my email account. Some of the history can be seen here.

The fact that this name comes from the inspiration of a hotkey binding, all thanks to playing NES and PCE emulators. There was a game called Ikari Warriors, where you (and a second player, usually my little brother), control two guys holding a machine gun with limited bullets. Everyday, me and my brother play this game after school, trying to beat the game as much as possible. The game is so hard, the weird emulator's hotkey bindings have been implanted into our brains: The letters M (used for inserting credits), A (Red player's machine gun attack), and I (Blue player's grenade attack).

So, my account name becomes tom_mai78101. I am happy with how Blizzard actually allows you to use the underline dash as a legal character when it comes to naming nicknames. The first thing I did was go to Chat Channels, go to "Public Chat", and just hang out there for as long as possible.

Just like in the wiki, the most memorable event is meeting with Paul Branson. There are other wonderful events, such as witnessing a live virtual sex chat on while I was eating an apple, joining in on a heated debate about some guy using a air compressor on the walls, and actually had to pay a fine of 300 bucks, playing word plays with other players who are waiting for a session, etc. Those are wonderful times.

Eventually, while chatting, someone started to ask about the game's WorldEdit features. Delving deeper and asking more questions, my curiosity piqued. Suddenly, I was ALT+TABBING here and there, understanding more and more about the game's editor, but I was still a novice when it comes to GUI triggering.

This is where I started Googling for help, and ended up on The Helper Forums. As I was lurking around, I noticed that this place seems to have a lot of activity and so many questions were answered in a day, that I had to browse to the 4th or 5th page in order to follow up on the questions that were asked.

From that point on (been lurking for quite some time), I had no choice but to sign up and ask for help. This was when I encountered a specific problem on the forums that I couldn't even understand how to do. This was when I used my first alias, tom_mai78101, and asked how to post. The tom_mai78102 incident will be mentioned later in the series, I promise.

After that, I started to learn more about scripting, and learned how to create a simple cinematic. I named my creation, "Problem of the Day". This is also the first time I triple-posted and was shunned from continuing, since I really don't know how to post a proper thread at the time.

Not giving up, I pressed on with my testing. That was my first time trying out how to make a public demo for others to try, so I was really learning. I also ended up not knowing what it means to "UPLOAD YOUR MAP!". Man, what a day.

Looking around the site, trying to understand how to upload a map, I saw a "Before you post" stickied thread made by one of the moderators at the time. Read it, understand it semi-fully, and asked how to upload an avatar (which is the account picture).

(Speaking of which, someone did ask why my avatar is a cute version of Megaman? This picture is inspired by Megaman Zero series of the GBA franchise, which I adore the game plots. The picture is a cropped image of the Megaman Powered-Up PSP game cover, cropped from a high resolution image, and scaled down to 100x100 square pixel image, then uploaded to this site. Thinking back, that image alone took me 2 hours of editing. The main reason I don't want to change the avatar is because of that editing time. I do not want to redo another avatar that took up so much time.

Someone else may ask what other avatars have I used: Just this.)

Looking back, I thought that by mimicking the way people post in forums, such as using incorrect punctuations and unforgivingly-wrong grammar, I might be able to "blend" in. I decided to try "blending" in by participating in a joke thread. I tried a counter-argument...

Well, since that failed. why don't I try out something that I'm good at: Making lists! This is where I earned my nickname, "tommai", "tomma", etc. From that point on, I stopped mimicking people, and revert my habits to default. I started typing in capital letters, correct punctuations, etc.

The next day, I tried playing with scripts again. Again, hit a wall, ask and ask again. This is when I started to understand that the Warcraft III: RoC editor is limited, and that the expansion pack gives more features and functionalities in the editor. I was not learning correctly about my scripting.

As I fumble myself around, I started to ask forum questions. It is around this time, that I became more proactive in both the Bugs and Forums Questions and General Discussions sections than the WE Help Zone section, when I lost motivation due to limited WorldEdit features. Some of the threads/posts can be found here. Some of them actually increased discussions, such as this.

Next series: The creation of my once-successful Footmen Wars tutorials, and advanced Hero Line Wars in-depth strategy guide, given to Gamefaq.
Nicely done man..... I remember when you joined you'r English is amazing man, odd for someone you don't know to say I bet but I'm proud to say i have seen a person grow :)
Okay, screenshot!

Part 2: The Creation of Footmen Wars (Tiny Version), The Rise of GUI Triggering Stubbornness, and the Start of a Mega Project: Hero Line Wars tutorial.

Note that there may be inaccuracies when it comes to matching up with the timeline. I had to look back via search results to gather and recall some of the memories I had and had forgotten about.


I have to start cramming my Language/Literature and Science subjects at home, with a home tutor. I have to give credit to him, for not only helping me to study these two hard subjects (hard, as in unreadable. At the time, I still can't read Traditional Chinese, thanks to my native language being English.), but also providing me a lifetime dream goal of becoming a game designer. This is also being pushed by a driving force of determination, thanks to me playing Pokémon games during my gaming childhood.

After cramming these two subjects, I asked the home tutor if he had ever played a game, and would like to share with me. He then introduced to me a game called Sid Meier's Civilization III, a turn-based strategy. I loved it, and announced to the world that this is the path I chose to follow. I finally had a goal in life, at last. Moving on...

Being active in the General Discussions section actually helps me put off stress I'm starting to get from studying in junior high, where we have to take a national exam (similar to SAT, for enrolling into a high school). At the time, as a 9th grader, I don't get as much free time to play, so I frequently visit the site as much as possible.

Sooner or later, visiting the forums became a habit the moment I turned on my computer. I pretty much fallen in love with engaging in discussions, from asking random but awesome questions, asking how-to questions, and things like that. But, when I do actually had free time, instead of having discussions, I went ahead and lurk around The Helper Forums, the old Blizzard sponsored (I think...?) Open Tech Support forums for Warcraft and Battle.Net related games (Down forever), the old Forums (Before StarCraft 2), and actually tried to create/learn what it takes to host a forum. (Can't find my forums anymore, but it all began from there.)

But deep down, I felt like wanting to participate even more. The discussions in The Helper Forums can no longer keep up with my demands. Probably because of me competing with myself to post as much as I can per day, via this thread. I started to ask even more questions in the Bugs and Forum Questions section, just to try and fill the ever-expanding void. This paved way for an even more interesting habit in the future.

Time passed by, and I finally finished my national exam. It was poor: Got a 199/300, which is basically barely enough to enroll into a private high school. (In this case, national high schools are way better than private high schools here.)

It is also around this time, my dad has finally found a new wife. So, things are starting to brighten up a bit, or so it may be.

Remember my cousin who gave me Warcraft III: RoC as a gift? I received a call from him during the summer of 2006, asking to see if he would liked for me to play this new game he bought. It's a localized version of Atari's RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

Played the game for quite a while, with my cousin losing interests (again), I suddenly found a new passion. Simulation games then took its toll. I asked if he could give me the game again, and got myself a deal.

Returning to my home, I installed the game, and logged on to, at the time, the Atari Forums (was shut down due to the bankruptcy of Atari). There, I realized that there are many more pro-active members engaging in so many discussions, that I decided to make The Helper Forums and the Atari Forums my two main go-to destinations the moment I turned on my computer.

During that time, I was sidetracked by a Warcraft III custom map game I started to love playing in Warcraft III, Hero Line Wars RoC, especially the version 2.3. Any versions after that made me felt the game is bloated with stuffs I don't know how to use.

Playing multiple sessions led me to create a detailed in-game strategy guide, shown here at Gamefaqs and here. Completing the guide is a major task for a would-be high school kid, but it's a task well done. This boosted my confidence, and actually helped me with my school work. Anyway, back to forums.

In Atari Forums, at first, I hanged out in the RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 section, understanding some of the problems everyone having to face when playing the game, and started to get to know people there. Then, it started to get dull, getting bored of always discussing how to do this in RCT3, how amazing a screenshot of the game looks, mods, maps, etc. Everything RCT3.

As I lurked around, I see that some people are starting to talk about some events going on in the Atari Forums - General Chat section. Went there, and was deeply amazed. At the time, there were 400+ active members, with new topics arriving every 10 minutes. I instantly realized that there were so many topics about world news, science/technology, gaming, and general debates/life questions, I got myself overwhelmed.

Joining along in discussions, I see a trend: These topics surely do get attention. This is how I got myself into becoming a news reporter, with a simple reason: I just want to get tons of views on my forum threads!

Back to TH, I started to post highly debatable news articles that were found by other Atari Forum members to the News submission, one by one. This is also when I made the Myth or Rumor series, that annoyed people to no end in Atari Forums, and brought forth many interesting topics to the The Helper Forums - General Discussions. Since I wasn't so sure of the news article being that discussion-worthy, I started posting slowly. Then gradually prep up the frequency. This is where the tom_mai78102 incident occurred, which put me off from returning to TH for some time, before facing my problems once again. (This will be detailed in the next series.)

Back to Atari Forums, I decided to quit RCT3 section, and join the General Chat section, where most of the active Atari members started to recognized me and my alias, "tom mai guy".

It is also at this time, some of the members at Atari Forums started to discuss about game roms and emulation. It got my attention, started to search around Google, looking for emulation sites, and learned a thing or two in the emulation scene. The first thing I came across is the site called EmuParadise. Then another forum (soon to become my third main go-to forum, alongside TH and Atari) was bookmarked to my Favorites, EmuForums.

Thanks to TH and Atari for using vBulletin, EmuForums was easy to navigate around. This is where I got in touch with a wonderful emulator, called No$gba. With its main feature as being the only emulator to run GBA and NDS games via assembly, and was developed on a Windows 98 OS (which is quite old...), I got interested in programming. Programming in general, at least.

This led me back to TH, and got the motivation to start doing some more work on mapmaking/scripting. With the additional creativity taken from both the Atari Forums and EmuForums, I was able to start working on my first ever Warcraft III map, Footmen Wars Mini.

Okay, so maybe not much creativity. I restricted my game to a small 32x32 game map world. All in the name of game latency, and game map size. At the time, I believed that by reducing the game map world size to a smaller value, game lag can be omitted. Now, I don't know, technology is ever-changing so fast, maybe people stopped experiencing lag nowadays.

While working on Footmen Wars Mini, another Warcraft III custom map game brought me ideas on giving players some abilities. It also taught me the true meaning on game lag: Resources appearing on screen may cause too many calculations needed to handle, thus slowing down the game after some time.

This is the key. That game lag lesson, is what motivated me to actually learn programming. Around that time, in my high school, a teacher opened up a new extra-curricular activity called Basic Computer Programming. Basic, as in Visual Basic programming. It was my first time learning what it means to do basic Windows programming, and felt that programming is so easy to create.

I was wrong.

At the end of the semester, I was taught that Visual Basic is stupid to program with, and that Visual C++ is where the main power resides from. Oh well.

Then, a major event happened: The Atari Split.


Next week's series: tom_mai78102 incident, and the Atari Split. In detail.
what happened to that roommate of yours?
It will be mentioned later in the series, we're going by chronological order, following the timeline from junior high -> high school -> college -> present day. This spans about 10 years.
This thread has only re-enforced the idea that you came here as a troll because it seems impossible that you've gotten this good at English over the years just through a forum. You sneaky bastard, you.
It is scary seeing how far Tom Mai has come over the years....
It is scary seeing how far Tom Mai has come over the years....
This is to be expected. It is more scarier than this.
This thread has only re-enforced the idea that you came here as a troll because it seems impossible that you've gotten this good at English over the years just through a forum. You sneaky bastard, you.
Confessions will be done; I hoped to be absolved.

Many of these occurrences do not reflect upon the state of my beliefs. It is only an interpretation of what happened before and what happens next from my eyes. Some of the evidences you are about to see comes from the dark side of the The Helper Forums. Viewer discretion is advised.


tom_mai78102 incident - Beginning:

It started off with a ridiculously simple idea: Bringing along a sibling into a forum.

Back in 2008-2009 era, I was at the pinnacle of my cravings for popularity. Discussions accrue many acknowledgements and merits, and so does reputation and general help among each other. At the time, I felt it is an honor to speak to any members I can speak to, or should I say more closely related to "demanding an discussion with someone."

Why do I crave for discussion? What gives to make me want to have something invisible, yet felt strongly attracted to it?


I see those green little blocks of +rep and little red blocks of -rep each and every day. I see them as if they were a gift of encouragement, or a nasty present of hatred. +Rep gives you the green light, which shows that you have done well to help others and contribute wealth (information, knowledge, education, etc.) to the needy. -Rep gives you the red light, which halts your contribution and passion, and drives toward home negatively with misunderstanding and self-pitilessness.

So, what about it? It's meaningless. Same reason with Reddit's karma.

At the time, I was lonely. I suffered a minor homesickness in late junior high, always thinking about the past, always thinking about how good times were, and all the stuffs that are happy moments in life at its purest.

How did I suffer from homesickness? Education. Filled with dangerously-high levels of stress and energy-demanding tasks.

What about it? If you were to be forced to study in a place where your native language isn't useful at all, and you have to do something, and I really mean do something, in order to advance to the next school (or to achieve a higher education), you would have to re-learn everything from the start.

Let's do a little math: Time it takes to relearn everything up to speed + Cram the time to within 2 years + The amount of people laughing at your poor grades x 50 = Stress.

Wait? Why would people laugh at your grades? Under such society, in junior high and high school, grades matter more than anything. They represent how well you have done academically, how proficient you are when you're learning, and what future it can hold. Grades can help students mitigate from poorly-rated academic circles (bad schools, bad teachers, etc.) and harsh environments (mosquitoes, bugs, broken classrooms, poorly-funded schools, etc.) And since we're good at comparing with each other in a classroom that holds 50 students, it's enough to whack your brains out.

Another reason: Grades can get you money. Super easy. Stay in first place, get $10000NTD.

Once you are on the right track, you then start to get the feel and hang of the society. Loneliness, always play with the rules, gain profits, make more grades, and repeat.

But that's insane! There's bound to be more than just getting top grades. What about interactions with other students? Are you being bullied into oblivion? No.

Since I was forced to start my education in an unfamiliar territory, there was nothing much left to discuss about. Nothing more than "Hello!", or "Greetings!" I can't speak about who's the best singer there is at the time, and I can't speak about the weather and the ever-debating politics; Because I don't know how to say about them. I don't have a firm opinion on those matters, because they are unfamiliar to me. Everything is unfamiliar.

So, when you're in such a circle, you're bound to crave for a way out. A path that leads you to someplace safe and sound. And that is this forum, as this is the place where I have a common hobby (gaming) and a common language (English). With these two combined, all that's left is to start a conversation and we're off.

Backtracking for a bit, please recall the fact that it all started off with a simple idea. A simple, yet truthful idea, but because of my cravings, I've crushed all hopes of it, unable to make it fruitful.

At the time, my little brother has just started getting used to the elementary school. Unlike me, he doesn't have any problems whatsoever with language barriers, so his craving for discussions of any sort is beyond low.

I used to had a fear. A fear of me not having anyone else to speak English to in person. I feared for the day that my little brother may forget how to speak English, and would no longer wish to speak English to me. In order to stop this from happening, I pleaded with all my might just to try to get my little brother to sign up and log onto the forum as a forum member, and try to stay active on the forums for as long as possible.

Evidence A: The user, tommylee0923.

This plan ended up in shambles, because I learned that forcing someone to do something which that person doesn't want to do out of their desires isn't going to work out well in the end.

From the public profile page shown in Evidence A, you can see clearly that there are 35 messages posted between July 24, 2009 through August 17, 2010. These dates are somewhat relevant in the later future. Note the 2 likes received. Those are from me, the old tom_mai78101.


tom_mai78102 incident:

After I made my little brother signed-up and created an account, the plan backfired, and I ended up having two accounts to my name. Great! So, what should I do?

While I was thinking about this problem, just so it happens, the family computer running Windows XP started to have problems, mostly hardware problems. My brain started racking up questions related to hardware, and an idea struck me. Why don't I use the account to ask for hardware-related solutions?

Jumping on through the profile post tab in Evidence A, you can see that all threads started by me were asking about hardware problems. I was really learning! But this laid the foundation of mistrust and suspicion among my main account, tom_mai78101 (old) and tommylee0923. This was something I was aware of since the backfired plan.

Then, just after using "tommylee0923" to ask for a hardware problem, I switched to Google and did my first ever Googling! I found a solution to my problem that others haven't had the clue to figure out, so the hardware problem is solved, and all that's left is the remaining question on the forums.

What do I do? I use my main account, find the question "tommylee0923" asked, post my answer, switch back to "tommylee0923", and did a +rep to tom_mai78101. My first ever double account +repping each other eureka moment!

To be honest, that +rep is more of a mimicking behavior instinct. Since I very often see people end their posts with "+rep thanks!" or "It worked! +rep", etc., my hunch is that people +rep others for helping, and gives +rep in return as a token of gratitude.

Looking from the opposite way around, what if you know the answer to the question, but you chose not to answer it? Would you give yourself a +rep for that? What would others think/see about this, that you are hiding the answer, and for whatever reason, chose not to answer it? I answered: I would +rep myself because I know the answer to my question.

So, there you go. The incident occurred.


tom_mai78102 incident - There's more to it than that...:

Of course there's more to it, as I didn't stop there. After I +rep my main account, I didn't hesitate to think about this: It leaves behind a breadcrumb trail, and a super moderator just so happens to spot this trail. Except that staff member spot it from another trail.

From this point on, due to lack of evidence to support the following theory, please ask one of the admins for further discussions. The lack of evidence is more similar to "Evidence too hard to find." I'm telling you, the truth hides in the "Hidden Vault" of The Helper Forums, where only the staff members, including me, knows.

The truth is, I actually created 3 accounts. tom_mai78101 is my main account, the second one is "tommylee0923" out of desperation and fear, and the third one is used to act as a mask. The problem is, I forgot what the "mask" is called. (Account name forgotten.) So, we'll call this third account as the "mask".

I ditched the tommylee0923 in favor of a discussion-oriented account, instead of hardware-assistance required account. I created a new account, acting as a "mask" for my main account.

What is the purpose of this "mask"? To embark on a journey where I get to participate in discussions without repercussions. Anything else? To hide the backfired plan away from view, more like a lure for a predator to chase after in order to save something else.

While acting as both "tom_mai78101" (old) and the "mask", I slowly started to forget about being aware of the two accounts. Common mannerisms started to blend together from two different sides; grammar and punctuations are starting to become similar, etc. Even the way of thinking starts to show its shine, which is something I miss completely.

The super moderator, who I believed was DDRtists, or enouwee, started to notice such a pattern. Sooner, or later, other staff members started to pick up suspicions, including The Helper himself.

I was then reported to the staff members, on the suspicions of having a double account (which is not against the rules, something that The Helper mentioned in 2011 - 2012 in a post saying that he has no say about this), and having interactions with both accounts and interfering with the reputation values (which is AGAINST the rules, which The Helper highly abominates).

And then, everything snowballed from an avalanche. Lots of details are mushed between the snow and debris, and it's really hard to find them back.

The resulting damage is: I get my permanent ban, my main "tom_mai78101" account is gone for good. And the heat of the moment is washed away.

(Side effect of the "mask": tommylee0923 is still not banned. It's up to the admins to decide whether to ban that account or not.)


tom_mai78102 incident - Aftermath, and why it's called "tom_mai78102":

As you can see, I was banned. So why am I here? Why is my account still active?

Remembered that I once said to take note of two specific dates? July 24, 2009, and August 17, 2010, from Evidence A. I was banned some time in between those two dates.

During the ban, I removed all bookmarks and traces of The Helper Forums from my computer. At the time, I was nearly angry at myself: Gosh! Just 40 more replies, and I get a full 4,000 posts!

The only things left in the "My Favorites" were Atari Forums, and EmuForums. So, which forums do you think that has the most active members online? That's the next goal where I'm going for.

On another side of the planet lives a community, a place called Atari Forums, where I used to reside in, hang out in, and discuss about RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 stuffs about. During that period of time, the major incident, known by existing past-members of the old Atari Forums, as the Atari Split, occurred. (It could be anything, like "Not since the incident...", or "When the admins come and go...", etc.)

It dealt a devastating blow to both the Atari Forums community and the Atari Corporation itself, via word of mouth. All thanks to one man, a representative community manager who, like me, forced upon the community with something they don't like; that they don't desire any longer. Doesn't work well in the end.

We'll go on about that incident in the future, so for now, we're ending this tom_mai78102 incident. The Atari Split happened in-between tom_mai78102 incident. Thus, I'm skipping it for now.

After the Atari Split incident, I lost a community. I lost a home. I lost a few "discussion-worthy friends". They have all moved on to another place on the planet, a place where I have long forgotten. The Atari Forums were no longer the same as before. It's no longer radiating its glorifying shine, it's no longer running as usual, many folks started to migrate from it, the place is then filled with heavy DBZ-fans and shitty discussions, and the most important of them all, it's no longer active.

Having no place to deal with such a blow, the only thing I quickly have thought of is The Helper Forums. But because of the permanent ban, I was reminded of my wrongdoings. I logged back in as tommylee0923 for the last time, just to see what's going on in the forums. And from there, I have decided to embrace the glare from The Helper Forum members, and just start all over.

I went ahead and created a 4th account, the name "tom_mai78102", a reminder of my old deeds, and the number 2 stands for "Version 2". I'm no longer the old self I was then. I'm the now.

Evidence B: Continuing working on my Hero Line Wars tutorial, and not focusing on the interactions bound ahead, just swaying them away.

That thread caused some more uproar in the Staff Lounge...

Evidence C (Restricted)

And some more... along with others I do not recall being involved in.

Evidence D (Restricted)

It's a good thing that Seth Cross forgives me. Reading all those evidences I find back in the Hidden Vault always brings a tear to my eyes. *sniff*

Anyway, since I started over, I did all my best to try to achieve what is right and wrong, what I am capable of, and what knowledge I need to learn to sharpen my skills. And this is how outgrow myself, how I achieve maturity. I took on a hidden responsibility that probably no one ever had thought of before:

I want to bring together a community that lasts for a lifetime that would not be split up like what Atari Forums happened before.

This is the responsibility I have to take into, and it's something that requires constant patience and persistence in order to achieve this goal. And I think I have done something good worth investing.

Evidence E. (Restricted)

And then I went mad crazy...

tom_mai78102 incident - End


Due to time constraints, the Atari Split is delayed for a 4th series release. It will be exactly this detailed.
I remember that duplicate IP address thing now and I remember that ban his ass post too. Wow. Blast from the past. That was way in 2007 too Tom Mai and you know as well as I do the Tom Mai of 2007 is not greater than Tom Mai 2013. There is no comparison.

I do not remember you ever got a forever ban.
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