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Discussion in 'Starcraft 2 (SC2) Editor Help' started by eXirrah, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. eXirrah

    eXirrah New Member

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    I designed a map that displays all SC2 text styles in a dialog.

    How it works?
    When the map starts a HUGE dialog with a lot a labels will show up. Each
    label displays text with a SC2 text style applied to it. The name of the
    style used for the label is set as it's tooltip. The dialog has pages which
    can be scrolled using the buttons at the bottom right corner of the dialog.
    The dialog is HUGE it is designed for 1280x1024 screen resolution
    so people with lower resolutions might need to switch to this one
    so the dialog is displayed properly.

    What's it good for?
    Well, it visualizes the SC2 text styles...

    Link 1 (2Shared.com)
    When you go to the download link there will be a lot of ads.
    Search for "Save file to your PC: click here" on the page - this is the
    real download link.

    Link 2 - direct (hit.bg)
    This is a bulgarian server, some countries might not be able to access it.
  2. Siretu

    Siretu Starcraft 2 Editor Moderator Staff Member

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    Thanks for taking your time to post this, but exactly what do I need it for? If I wanted to look how a certain style looks, I can just make a test trigger and test it myself.

    It would go faster than downloading this map, opening it, testing it, finding the correct one.
  3. tom_mai78101

    tom_mai78101 The Helper Connoisseur / Ex-MineCraft Host Staff Member

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    Would it be better if the tool isn't a map, but an executable tool for glancing at a font style and instantly tells the mapmaker how to make that style?

    This map is still good enough. Nice work. :)
  4. eXirrah

    eXirrah New Member

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    @Siretu: I designed it so I could see the text styles, choose a good
    looking one and then check it's name. There are 938 styles I doubt you
    got the nerve to test them all separately.
    If you already picked a style then you don't need this map to see it.

    @tom_mai78101: It's time consuming... creating a map is faster. Well
    if I have the time and patience to create executable I will.
  5. tom_mai78101

    tom_mai78101 The Helper Connoisseur / Ex-MineCraft Host Staff Member

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    You can also upload the map here in your post, where you manage your attachments. That way, people won't have to go all the way around just to get the map.
  6. eXirrah

    eXirrah New Member

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    I can't upload .SC2Map files. I'll have to put it into an archive and stuff
    which is the same as using 2Shared.com to store the file.

    Plus there is very little storage space on the forum so I attach files that
    I'm going to delete fast.

    I added another link for direct download, but it's on a bulgarian server. I'm
    not sure if everyone can access it.
  7. Sevion

    Sevion The DIY Ninja

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    It's generally accepted that you upload it as a zip/rar/7z.

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