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  • Actually, on the hacking thing, there's a funny story behind it. I made a hacked vers of Green Circle TD. In it, a 9th player was added who could possess people's towers, turn them into blade masters and run them around, replant them teleport them, talk in chat as other players, including the creeps, etc, etc. :p
    Much fun. :D
    Lol, nice. :p
    I should totally do that too! :)

    It's not a bad map by the way, in my opinion. Kind of fun, disappointingly easy. =(
    Me and one friend beat it on hardest difficulty (designed for "7 pros" to beat). Lol. :p
    XD Yeahhhh.
    I haven't touched a lot of WC3 for ages. :p
    Although I played Jurassic Park last night, with a friend. After scanning the map for viruses manually, of course. I'm pretty sure my old startup exploit hasn't been fixed!! ;)
    I can't see the post history. D:

    I have no idea what was removed. I don't remember that far back. :p
    My eyes aren't perfect and it sufficed. The spider mine issue also sounds like your own problem because I could do it.
    It's my first time logging back here at TH after months... ^_^ well, sure why not?? :D I'd love a hero already present in the Panda Wars map we've made. But though you said that wont be anytime soon. I've quit editing maps though I still love it...
    Yeah, I'll probably make a post later. :p
    Nap time! XD

    And that guy has the whole exploit totally wrong in the first post. :)
    Hi there! I'm sort of active. Just some on and off sc2 mapping.
    Cool to hear you tinkering with Electric Focus :) It was fun to make. Feel free to code, use, release or do anything you like with it
    What did you want ProjClasses to have again? Currently it is just two strings in a module, hahaha.

    I am thinking about having another module in the library that gets implemented into the projgroup struct that allows for a .enumNearby() method that has a filter function (using function interfaces), that way, you could filter projectile only of a specific class or name.
    Been slacking like crazy. Haven't touched WE since August until about 3 days ago :p

    I'm planning to fix up Monoliths before adding a team select function. New heroes will probably have to wait till later this year :(

    What about you? How's Pudge Wars?
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