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  • No, I wouldn't use either. I am not developing any type of map where that would be applicable.

    To be frank, I probably wouldn't use them even if I had such a map where it would be necessary. The reason for this is because it would probably take me, as an experienced coder, less time to make it myself than to import yours and link it together with your specifications.

    Don't take this the wrong way, this does not mean what you're doing is worthless. The things you're doing are not simple and for some/most people it would be way faster to import yours and modify it to their needs but that is not the case for me.

    I do like your determination and you're doing a good cause. Making and sharing resources like this is very good for both the community and your own knowledge.
    Wow had no idea you were over 60. And here's me thinking i'm probably the eldest forum user at 34 lol
    I've not touched Cata, I put my wow years behind at the end of wotlk. Even prot palas were stupidly easy from TBC onwards. (I had all 4 tanks at 80).
    Thank you for all of your work in the Editor Forum; the Staff and the others in the community have taken notice to that and we are starting to see your name a lot more in conversations. However by rules a signature can not be requested. Though trust me, if you continue to work as you have done so, you will surely get one and much more after soon enough! :D
    Ahh yea, I completely understand that. I just didn't get the way you wrote it before. Once it's done in a trigger like that I understood it :)

    I'm daft, but i'm not that daft lol!
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