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  • You have the patience to help out those people in the GUI area that post stuff like where is gui?. I admire you for that
    You really should start coding in vJass, you would be coding almost four times as fast.
    PS. I hate your avatar
    I guess I do enjoy making spells. I assume you meant to ask if I would like to help you with some spells for your map?

    In this case, I would have to turn down the offer. I have too much on my hands. However, if you have some problems creating them, feel free to post about it in the sc2 galaxy editor forums and I'll try to point you in the right direction.
    When stuff like that happens, you should report your own post and just type in the reason. I am not really an enforcer as much as "that guy who makes sure the forum has discussions and is up to date" sortta mod ^_^
    Yeah, I almost have the same problem. I am also working on 5+ projects although I'm not working. I have school though and I've taken a lot of extra classes so during the three years of high school, I'll fit almost an extra term of classes in 3 years. I am also taking an online university course from Stanford while trying to get a driver's license while keeping in shape by going to the gym and such. It's a busy life.
    Oh you're right, that was done almost completely with trigger editor. Although, with my current knowledge and some site operations, I think I could do it with the data editor.

    You have to understand though, Cruiser command is my primary focus at the moment. Banelings isn't really being developed.
    Well, if you're going to do it with triggers, don't bother creating them yourself. Currently, all the effects and such that you saw in the video are made with the data editor with no triggers involved. I'd like to keep it that way. Actually, there's not that many triggers at all.

    Triggers are just used for the UI stuff, automatic baneling spawning is also handled by data editor alone.
    Hey, I would love to see your ideas. Were you thinking about creating the effects in the editor or just explaining them to me?
    Holy shit that sound NICE!! I played the game on free trial when it first came out but ofc no editor with that...:(
    Hey man, Thx for taking an interest :D truth be told I haven't done much progress this last week. needed to take a step back cause shit was getting messy! so been making "Techies Wars". Its a lil mini game haha. but I see yours should be coming along nicely :D?
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