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***this post is taken from the AD Wall that i posted at,but i dont think that section gets visited a lot so im posting it here too,i dont know if its allowed,but i hope it is :( .

Hello guys, i am looking to set up a nice and active team from the TH community that have the will and time to work on a small project, in fact it aint that its small, its just that all depends how much we work on it :)

So, if any of you already has played World of Warcraft,and is familiar with the Arathi Basin battleground, than that is what im planning to work on, for those who are not familiar with the Arathi Basin Battleground feel free to check out the link.

So i've made a 64x64 map, yes its extremely small, i've basically made the terrain,or ... just sort of a template, the terraining needs improvements,a lot. I've made it small intentionally,so it will be real crowded, since it will be 6vs6, i want players to encounter eachother extremely fast,and fight over the bases fiercly, since all 5 of the bases are not far from each other, and it will be pretty hard to keep control over a base for too long.

I myself,like to mess around with the Object Editor,and the Triggering, my experience in triggering is not vast, i still have a lot lot to learn, but, i have been messing around with the editor for quite some years now, so i think that takes me off the Noob Level ... i think :)

What am i looking for ?

I am looking for passionate Spell Makers,that enjoy making the spells,triggering them,wether in JASS or GUI doesn't matter, tho it's a must that all spells to be MUI.

Summer break is coming, i intend to take this project seriously as soon as i get at least 2 more members for the team. The rest can join up later. Today is June 4th, i expect to fully start working on this by June 20th, once again,i say to you, this will be a small fun project that i am certain we will have the pleasure of working on, no pressure at all, no time limits,no rush, just some friendly socializing and working on the World Editor at the same time.
Thanks for reading :)

PS. If interested to fill any of the positions, please feel free to PM me here,at TH.
I could do some spells for you, just fetch me with their description on PM

are you making Wow spells or?

64x64 is indeed very small, not sure how are you going to put the bases in such a tiny map
I believe -OverpoweR- is planning a much smaller map than WoW3, though I agree that 64x64 is only suitable for hugely minor things. Not maps with 15 bases.

And the "n" in this name is capitalised. Just an FYI. :p
Heh =D yeah guys i knows its...way to small :D, i've checked the map, ran it through with some units,and its just perfect, all 5 bases are set-up and routes, the encounter between each faction will be extremely fast ,just the way i thought it'd be :)

@ Dinowc Yes, WoW spells , since im trying to... 'imitate' the original Arathi Basin from WoW :) , i shall send you some descriptions right now,perhaps you'll find the time to make a few spells :)
Yes, WoW spells
in that case, just give me the spell names (I can use wowhead ;))

OPTIONAL: you might give me the model you're going to use the spell on, so I can adjust the animations for best visual result
@KaerfNomekop: Extra '1' in the number of bases there :p

As for the map, are you wanting it like when you can first get in at 20?
Or like at 80?

If it's for 20, I'd go to the spells section of Wowhead and filter the level to a max of 20.
I was thinking for lvl 80s, since i will include a ... Honor Point system , and than via Honors to buy S7 and S8 , as i imagined,all heroes will start with their maximum level,and with S6, it will be pure PvP :)
I'm a very able spell maker...though i am gonna start college soon and might not have much time if college is as blood-drenched as people have been telling me. also i mostly make my spells with the interface, but they seem good enough to me.
Even though I'm working on my own map, I can probably help you out with some spells, maybe even let you use a couple of mine?
Browse through my started threads in the Tutorials and Resources section for some of my work.
Most of my spells are graveyarded because I haven't updated them since I quit*

* - I quit like 2-3 years ago from WE'ing, but I've just came back and plan on staying around :)
I might be able to do a few, but I'll only chime in if they are heavy on the trigger part. I do loathe working in the Object Editor.

In any case, how do you plan on distributing the abilities? WoW has alot more spells at 80 than you can fit on a WC3 command card.
eh :), since this will be a Warcraft Version of AB, only 5 abilities will be possible for each class, something that we will pick to make PvP more interesting =)

@ Rexpim , please PM me whenever you feel like you can start working with the editor ;)
Alright. Well, tell me if there is any specific ability you might need help with and I'll see what I can do.
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