Star Battle.

A tournament for this is it a good idea?

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It's time to light them up.


So after playing this,I've got into thinking.

a (X number) vs (Y number) tournament anyone? Because seriously this game is so awesome.
Hells yeah!
I'll get my Battlecruiser ready :D

Alternatively, just play together and destroy everyone!
I played this yesterday. I was one of the three remaining ships on the winning team. :D
I'm in. Monsterous and I played it... Friday (or technicly saturday ?) It was pretty fun : ))
We can organize a 6 man/ship StarBattle fleet composing of our ships and tear through the competition. ;)
If you ask me it's just a very slow (at least at start) version of battleships without terrain :>
I dunno I kinda like the simplicity of the map design. Less lag that way due to less object required to load up on start. ;)
If you ask me it's just a very slow (at least at start) version of battleships without terrain :>

This. It looks awfully slow-paced to me.

Maybe it's more of a strategy game than an AoS, but I don't see much strategy either.
Well my sensei told me to get 3 ulgrades for speed with my first moeny. You also, later in game are able to warpjump. It is a positioning game. Not much micro. A good ammount of tactics is what will get you to the end of the game.
Well my sensei told me to get 3 ulgrades for speed with my first moeny.

Its not necessary, but its the most safest option. I always do it :p
In a team game, it might not be as necessary since people will back you up if your on the run.
Actually mobility is usually better than strenght, so i totally agree with your statement.
Looks like a hell of a cool map. I just hope they add some more big ship-like mechanics for movement, like slow turning and slow acceleration and stuff like that. And cool special abilities.

And make new weapons to be visible attached actor turret thingies, so you can have more cannons that ship in your ship.

Now that would be awesome.

That video actually almost made me to play sc2 customs again.
Here's a replay of me playing a Destroyer. Note that I didn't bother spending too much cash on abilities until the game almost finished. Because that's how I roll.
Also notice how almost everyone doesn't want to be even near my range the entire game. :)
seemed very slow pace, like turtles in space with some abilties, then again i only played it once so i cant really judge. From my first impression its a decent map, but how is it number 1 on the list i dont know :p
I played the Leviathan. Got owned.

I agree with Incinerate, it was very slow paced. And I couldn't figure out how to get upgrades at first. The icons didn't show up when we started.
I think that you should start with just Team Battles, which is something similar to people making a team and then those teams being paired up aganist one another and we can keep score/leader positions in a fancy scoreboard if you wish.

I think this would be a better option because unlike a tournament which requires a lot of people from the very beginning (and especially since this is a team game) it allows other people to get involved later on and its far more casual. As well it allow teams to adjust if we need to add people or people don't want to be on a team anymore to ether leave or switch to another, and it can even allow different teams to form with different numbers of people, etc.

Nevertheless I do not might supporting whatever you guys intend to do. ;)
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