Things Game Characters Would Never Say

seph ir oth

Mod'n Dat News Jon
Staff member
Cloud (FFVII) - "I am sexually attracted to women."

Jigglypuff (Pokemon) - "PIKA!"

Uther (WC3) - "I dearly hope that there's a special place in heaven waiting for you, Arthas."

Chrono (Chrono Trigger) - "I CAN TALK! I'M A REAL BOY!"

Hope you guys think of more good ones :rolleyes: .

King TonGoll

some things noty right..... what happend in my absense? i do not no who the poster above me is.... and how did his post count bunmp soo fast!


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Arthas (WC) - Oops!

Sephiroth (FF7)- Well, I guess this sword IS kinda long...

Sora (KH) - Keyblade?! Why can't I have a real sword like the rest of the Square-Enix heroes!

Goofy (KH) - To tell you the truth, Donald, most of the time I have no idea what the hell you are saying.


Avoid, if at all possible.
NiKaNoRoU_GR: I'll stop making tons of unnecessary posts to make my post count go up!

Arthas: This game sucks, I wan't to be the nice guy.

Acolyte: Burn the heretics!

Yoda: Join the dark side and get a free cookie!


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Cornface said:
NiKaNoRoU_GR: I'll stop making tons of unnecessary posts to make my post count go up!
Why my post count is so big is that I am most of the day active and post much at the Members projects.
Bugs Bunny: I hate Carrots!!!
Daffy Duck: I love Bugs Bunny!!!
Cloud (FFVll): I am a boy...

seph ir oth

Mod'n Dat News Jon
Staff member
Master Chief (Halo 1, very beginning) - "What calibration errors? He...WHAT!? WHEN I LOOK UP, I LOOK DOWN! CHANGE THAT BACK!"

Fusion Frenzy (general) - "Wait a we have a life outside of these random tournaments?"

Tyreal (Diablo 2) - "I only hang out with mortals because I have no social life in heaven."


~Choco Coronet~ Omnomnom
Diablo: It's too hot in here, can someone freeze hell over.
Homer Simpson: e=mc2 not pie


Missy wants blood!
Any Character from The Sims: "Hey, d'you, y'know, ever wonder about stuff like god? Maybe there's some guy tappin away on a computer, and we're like, just computer characters, and he controls everything we do..."


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Dr Eggman: Im round, fat and smell of rotton egg! For my name is Dr Eggman
Yugioh: Damn its been a long time since i played duel monster cards, now i have forgotten all the rules
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