Terrain Contest II - Voting

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Which do you think fits the theme best?

Poll closed Sep 19, 2009.
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  1. WastedSavior

    WastedSavior A day without sunshine is like, well, night. Staff Member

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    Terrain Contest II

    The Voting Thread:
    Vote for whichever terrain you think is best.
    Remember to reply, stating which one you voted for and why.
    If you could comment on all of them, it'd be appreciated.

    Making new accounts simply to vote is forbidden. I will be checking. If caught, all of your votes won't be counted, and you will be banned from future contests.

    Contest Thread

    The Terrain:

    1: 1.jpg

    2: 2.jpg

    3: 3.jpg

    4: 4.jpg

    5: 5.png

    6: 6.jpg

    7: 7.jpg

    8: 8.jpg

    9: 9.jpg

    You have until Saturday 19th September to vote!
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  2. Immolation

    Immolation Member

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    7th. It's awesome, the lights are perfect and the river is really beatiful.

  3. Dinowc

    Dinowc don't expect anything, prepare for everything

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    yeah 7 epic win.

    where did he get those models lol? it looks so realistic that it doesn't look warcraftish at all xd

    BRUTAL I'm working

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  5. kingkingyyk3

    kingkingyyk3 Visitor (Welcome to the Jungle, Baby!)

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    8. Nice. =)
  6. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

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    #1. I love the details in the distance.

    Nice sky on #8 :)
  7. Romek

    Romek Super Moderator Staff Member

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    1. This one's pretty amazing, it was the first one I looked at, and I can certainly say that it looks great. The sun in the background looks awesome. Though the grass in the foreground looks a bit odd.
    2. Looks plain and dull. No tile variation whatsoever. I could make this in about 4 seconds.
    3. This is nothing like autumn. There's nothing going on either, it's just a path with trees around it.
    4. Blizzard trees really, really destroy this one. It'd be a relatively good piece if it wasn't for those damned trees. The ground is flat too, and the murlocs look very out of place. One of the trees looks like it's floating.
    5. Black sky, checkered cubes. Put me off this one straight away.
    6. A good attempt, though the horizon looks terrible. It looks quite boring too. Not much tile variation, and a spam of about two doodad types.
    7. I love the sun behind the branches. This one is among the better ones in this contest. I don't like the bright yellow, and would much rather an orange colour. The foreground is very nice too. :)
    8. Spring flowers (and trees), autumn trees and snow. Also flat and boring.
    9. It seems to just be a close-up of an autumn tree with a few leaves spammed across the bottom. Nothing special.

    So without much hassle, I'm down to #1 and #7. I think I'll go for #1. It's got incredible depth, and everything from the trees in the foreground, to the buildings and sunset are made perfectly.

    Congrats creator of #1; you got my vote. Also good job to the creator of #7, as it's a great terrain.

    Good luck to all contestants. :)

    > 7.

    > 8. Nice. =)

    Edit: As someone pointed out to me, #7 actually looks more like spring than autumn.
  8. Renendaru

    Renendaru (Evol)ution is nothing without love.

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    It's obvious who's 7's author is. Am I right?
  9. monoVertex

    monoVertex I'm back!

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    I personally think that #1 and #7 are the best terrains in this contest. The others are not outstanding with anything or have some major flaws.

    However, #7 is actually giving me a feeling of spring or summer, instead of autumn and, over-all, I find #1 more appealing.

    So, #1 gets my vote for being more in touch with the theme and for being a great piece of terrain!
  10. Sevion

    Sevion The DIY Ninja

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    #1 for the reasons Smith and Romeo posted.

    #7 would be fit for a spring/summer fitting :p The flowers don't point towards Autumn or Fall :p
  11. BRUTAL

    BRUTAL I'm working

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    It seems somewhat like the transition from summer to fall; which looks pretty to me.
    It does look kind of too bright and stuff though.
  12. Komaqtion

    Komaqtion You can change this now in User CP.

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    I really like number one, simply because you really get the whole autumn feeling of it :D

    I also kinda like number 7, though I believe it's too bright, and would fit better in a Spring contest...
  13. Dest

    Dest New Member

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    Too late...I was busy... Damn!

    Oh well, I like 7th better.
  14. Necrach

    Necrach You can change this now in User CP.

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    #1. its brilliant
  15. ~GaLs~

    ~GaLs~ † Ғσſ ŧħə ѕαĸε Φƒ ~Ğ䣚~ †

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    The word fall, makes me feel that crippling orange leaves falling down all along the way, a sense of lonelyness.

    #1 - It really makes me feel Fall, fit nicely to the theme. 'Oranges colour' from fall are shown out here. Placing a town beneath the moutain is the best option to show out the lonelyness of a season. Looking down the town from moutain = lonely. :p (As you won't be doing it if you're busy)

    #2 - Swamp? Swamp doesn't really represent fall. It was a season near winter, and it will be cold and dry. Damness of the swamp just opposed it. Original idea but doesn't fit well.

    #3 - I saw a long pathway, tress along side. And also, tombstone at the left end of the road?! This is such a scene from London in the old age. :p Nothing related to fall to me.
    This wasn't fit the theme and quite a failure. Sorry.

    #4 - This looks much 'fall'-er than the previous. A very very poor vilage (with 4 buildings only) along side cliffs. And, being attack by murlocs? War in the fall? Com'n, doesn't fit well with the theme. Murlocs' the fault.

    #5 - Boxes? Out~ Out!

    #6 - Bird-eye view to an island. Hmm... This looks like you're traveling on an aeroplane, flying over wasted land, that is in 'fall'. This does not show out the uniqueness of fall. Was a good try. ^^

    #7 - Woah~ Lovely forest with... GREEN LEAVES?! and also... FLOWERS BLOOMING?! My friend here, you did a good job, but when you're terrain the season Spring.

    #8 - Actually, this was a good try. Cherry Blossom bloom in Fall, thus it was during the end of Fall, when there are starting to snow. This scene contains the uniqueness of Fall (Especially in Japan) where Cherry flowers are shown, and snowing lightly.

    In a nutshell, which satisfy me are 1st, 7th and 8th.
    1st - Mountain view of Fall
    7th - Forest view of Spring
    8th - City view of Fall

    The 1st one are the best among them, which fits the theme mostly. ^^ Congratez.
    You got my repute. (When I knew who are u :p)
  16. WastedSavior

    WastedSavior A day without sunshine is like, well, night. Staff Member

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    I don't think the Winter Sakura is a very commonly used symbolism for fall. ;)
    But i suppose it works, thanks for voting, and thank you for taking the time to elaborate on your decision. :thup:
  17. Daskunk

    Daskunk SC2 Forum MVP - TheSkunk #386

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    First one gets my vote.

    1. Very nice, but why is the background blurred, and why are the trees in the foreground orange but the ones in the background are not? The picture as a whole looks nice, especially the foreground. The background looks nice, but upon inspection it could use some work
    2. Wc3's water and tree's look really bad in terrain IMO. Even if you did use custom models, its mostly spammed doodads.
    3. The main focus is very empty. There's a few doodads to the side, but there really isn't much to look at.
    4. The idea is nice, but I dislike the trees and the buildings. Could use fog\sky\lighting or something, too.
    5. Again, I dislike the trees. The purple box is bad, too. The some of the bushes look to big, and the doodads seem a little randomly placed.
    6. Tinting the trees red didn't really make them look fall-colored, and it looks like there's suddenly sky in the background as if the earth ended there, rather then showing more hills. This ones a pretty nice attempt, though.
    7. This is pretty good, but it mostly just abuses custom models. I also hate it when people use thick yellow fog like this, it seems very unrealistic.
    8. At first it seems like a city, and so the area PACKED with trees really doesn't look right. That whole area back there looks too messy. :(
    9. Fogs a little too hefty on this one too. The world ends again as well, the fog cuts it off too soon. Otherwise, I think it would have been better from another view. Mostly just a spammage of doodads on this one, too.

    Well, I'm sorry I couldn't really spend time to make good reviews. I mostly just randomly commented on the first things I found wrong with the terrain.

    EDIT: Updated with review of 9. My vote remains the same.
  18. Ioannes

    Ioannes Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.

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    1, 7 and 8 are the three best terrains in this contest.

    1 is beautiful, it has depth and it portrays a breathtaking autumn landscape.

    8 is very nice, because of how the houses and the plants in the background make up the nice city. Furthermore, the sky also helps. It definitely is a place I want to be in.

    7 is also pretty, and has plenty of florid decorations. However, it is too yellow-ish: this sort of lemony hue is just too weird for me, so I eliminated it.

    Between 1 and 8 the choice is hard. They both give me a certain sense of pleasure to look at them, however the autumn landscape has mist. And I don't like blurred things, especially things that are blurred on purpose. It feels like deliberately degrading the quality of the image. Therefore, I picked 8.
  19. Jesus4Lyf

    Jesus4Lyf Good Idea™

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    1 and 8 are amazing. 7 didn't look that impressive to me: a custom tree model and some rocks? The ambient colour is too strong (my opinion - don't get me wrong it is still quite impressive).

    1 is a masterpiece. The amount of detail smacks you. 8 also is brilliant, but 1 has the real autumn feel and depth... I think 8 may have actually had too much colour for autumn.
  20. BlackRose

    BlackRose Forum User

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    1 and 7 are cutest <3
    And ~GaLs~ comes from nowhere to post in this thread o_O
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